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Aug 30, 2012

The Mid- Autumn Festival close.

Don't forget to visit Chinatown to experience Chinese culture, fun events, great food and wonderful photo opportunities during the Mooncake Festival. Check out for detailed information on all the events.

Aug 9, 2012

National Day Parade 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore! It's the 47th time Singapore is celebrating its independence. Over 2000 participants will again perform on the Marina Bay floating platform. This year's theme was
                                                LOVING SINGAPORE OUR HOME
it encourages all Singaporeans to reflect on what it means to love their country, what they appreciate about Singapore and how each individual can express their love for the nation.

"The annual crowd pleaser in the pre-parade The Red Lions again fulfilled the spectators expectations

Split into a prologue, three acts themed IdentitySpirit and Love and a finale, the 45-minute Show segment featured larger-than-life props and mass displays that were integrated with multimedia projections.
Highlights of this year's show were : 
- a musical dialogue in Act One between a Tabla (a pair of small hand drums attached together used in Indian music) player, a Gambus (a lute used in Malay folk music) player, a Chinese opera singer and a pianist, 
- a dragon boat procession rowing towards the floating platform in Act Two. Performers on stage will complement the procession by forming a giant lion's head with brightly-lit torches, and
- a stage transformation into a Garden City in act Three with the use of large flower props and multimedia displays

Videos, graphics and animations were displayed on nine LED mesh screens built to complement the Marina Bay skyline. Besides nine center screen in the shape of the Singapore island and eight side screens, there were eight mobile stages and an elevated stage that was reconfigured to form different shapes during the show. 

Spectacular fireworks display ended the 47th National Day Parade.