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Apr 29, 2009

2 Reasons for Erich to Celebrate

1. Reason: VIENNA takes the top spot as the world's city with the best quality of living, according to the Mercer 2009 survey.

It has passed Zurich since last years survey. Geneva another Swiss city retains its third position while Vancover and Auckland
are now joint fourth in the rankings.

2. Reason: SINGAPORE (29) ist the best city in Asia to live in.

Since Erich was born near Vienna and now runs his very successful business in Singapore, the 2 most important cities in his life are top in the world.

Here are some photos of the winning cities: Vienna
St. Stephens Dome
Vienna Town Hall
Singapore: Suntec City and Marina Bay
Singapore Flyer Esplanade Theatres
Sun down skyline

Apr 23, 2009

Friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand is a new group on facebook

Erich now has a presence on facebook as well. If you want to join the group "Friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand" just type "Erichs Wuerstelstand" in the top right search box of your facebook window.

Apr 18, 2009

New secret hit on the menu

A very creative German couple, regulars at Erich's since the early days, have invented a new dish: "The Gery Glitter Semmel".
Its onion bread with a slice of meatloaf inside.

If you want to know the story behind just order it and Erich might tell you.

Everyone relax! Erich's Backstube is open again!

Erich's multi grain bread, Dinkelspitz, Bretzel, Onionbread and Muffins are back up for grabs. The Backstube is open again.
Just a few steps (3 stalls) next to the Wuerstelstand Erich has opened his Backstube kiosk and all the delicous bakes are on sale again.

No more excuses not to see Erich because you were missing his bread.

Apr 17, 2009

Bad Economy but Austrians are "crowding" Chinatown

No one can deny that there is an obvious slump in tourist arrivals however Erich is pleasantly surprised that so many Austrians are visiting him at his Wuerstelstand. Many of them telling that they've seen him on TV or news articles in different papers or magazines. Before their trip they checked Erich's location on our blog to make sure not to miss him and off they flew.

A hint for all future Austrian visitors, whenever you come to Erich don't be shy and tell him which part you're from and he will ring his cowbell and highlight your hometown on his Austrian map!

If you show him a news article where he's been featured you'll make him a happy man and if Erich has enough time he will tell you his stories (Motto: "Erich erklaert die Welt").

So see you at Erich's! Everyone's welcome though, regardless of nationality!

Apr 13, 2009

Change in Logo

Some of you might already have noted the change in Erich's Logo.

"Erich's" is now a registered trademark. The branding of Erich's starts now! To catch the latest developements make sure to check our website regularly.
Congratulations Erich, for your newly registered brand.

Apr 6, 2009

Change: Yes We Can!!

Lots of changes all over the world nowadays and Chinatown is not excluded. So no wonder that there are also changes in Erich's ventures.

Check this out: MARCH 31, 2009

Backstube is fully operating, producing the probably best Bretzels, Semmeln, Dinkelspitz, Bread and Muffins in town.

2 days later: APRIL 2, 2009 What the **** is going on?

The "Backstube" signboard removed, blinds are down, tables in front of the counter window?
Well, unfortunately it's not April fool's day, it's the 2nd of the month and the Backstube is really closed.
Some might think now: "Ya, we saw that coming! Bad economy, many closed shops in Chinatown and elsewhere, etc, etc. ?". But gladly, that's not the case.

The good news is: NO NEED TO WORRY!
Erich says, using the famous line of his dream guest in the previous post:

I'LL BE BACK (..SOON) sition period.