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May 29, 2013

A last message from the Wuerstelstand

Erich's ringing the bell for the last time from the original Wuerstelstand location and a message to all his friends, customers and supporters

Thank you everyone who ever visited the Wuerstelstand as a customer or friend and also lots of thanks to the followers of our Wuerstelstand Blog.
We really appreciated it.

See you soon at the new location!!!

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May 28, 2013

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Erich closes!

An important chapter in Chinatown history came to an end

After 2762 days Erich a iconic figure in Chinatown has closed his Wuerstelstand!
He made history as the first "Ang Mo" running a Western style sausage kiosk surrounded by traditional local food sellers.
Hardly anyone gave him a long life there. But Erich proofed them wrong. Not only did he add another kiosk to the original single one, he also became without doubt the most famous figure in Chinatown.
Featured in magazines around the world, Travel Guides such as Lonely Planet and more made him an icon for success with a simple sausage kiosk!

With his fun personality and ever changing look ( Santa Claus, Chinaman, Irish- St. Patrick's Day, F1 pilot, etc., etc.) Erich drew local and even overseas TV crews into the center of Chinatown.
Santa Erich

Sorry, wrong picture! That was a hungry ghost! hehe
Here we go:
With all the new upgrading it was also time for him to move.

1st of June you will find Erich in a new location, at the K88 Coffee House, which is just around the corner at #01-52, Blk 5 Banda Street, Singapore 050005.

Erich wants to thank all of you for your business and is looking forward to see you at the new place.


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