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Aug 29, 2007

Did you know that even Santa Clauses age ?

I thought once you're a Saint live is already over and there are no more anniversaries. Today I got proven wrong.
Our dear Santa Claus turned ???? (only "god" knows) a few days ago.
Thank "god" (again) some of the 'die-hard's' where at Erich's to organise an ad-hoc birthday bash. With a hidden camera- hence the photo quality- they managed to get 2 rare 's(ch)napshots' of the Saint who is usually very camera shy.
From all of us "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" and many more occurrences.

Aug 28, 2007

Business Development Mission

First of all apologies for my silence. However that was for a very important reason. Erich sent me on a fact finding mission overseas to research the possibilities of expanding Erich's Wuerstelstand to other parts of the world.
It was not an easy task though because I also had to "test eat" different sausages and honestly none of them came even close to the quality and delicious taste of Erich's. So I'm very happy having "mission accomplished" and back to the good stuff.
Result: There is a market outside of Singapore for quality sausages and the possibility to franchise the Wuerstelstand. I'd be more than happy to of being appointed as "Wuerstelstand Business Development Manager" and travel the world to set up new Kiosks ;)
See and judge yourself if there's any better Wuerstelstand than Erich's.
I doubt it!

I kind of like the idea of these mobile units. Especially for franchise.
Of course everything has to be in a corporate identity colors and look.
Here are some of the tested sausages. Aiyoh!

Aug 12, 2007

Helmut the saviour is back in town

Whenever Helmut- makes sure Singapore skies are safe when you fly- comes to Singapore he brings along the best Austrian Ham to please us at a "Daemmershoppen"
together with "Essiggurkerl" and Erich's bread it is a mouthwatering feast.
To round it up we ordered Erdinger and Tiger beer from the friendly neighbours at "SAWASDEE" coffee shop just 50 steps away.

Aug 7, 2007

Famous Japanese Writer visits Erich

Last month Hideo Asano, the author of the novels "An American Breakfast", "The Timber Carriers of Afghanistan: A Personal Visit with the Mujahideem of Afghanistan", "The Albatross and the Sea", & several others was visiting the Wuerstelstand for the 1st time and loved Erich's Wuerstel. He of course was the man to engage Erich in a hefty discussion which ended up in another story of: "Erich explains the world"
James Craggs about the writer:
"Asano is a rare find. His understanding of humanity cuts into the depths of the heart."