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Oct 26, 2012


Singapore 25th October 2012
This year's National Day of Austria celebration was held one day earlier, because 26. Oct. is a public holiday (Hari Raya Haji) in Singapore.
Nevertheless it was a grand occassion held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, a long tradition of the Austrian Embassy and the community at large.
The food has been superb and the preparation has been overlooked by Gotfried Schuetzenberger to ensure the food is prepared according to original Austrian recipes.
The absolute highlight was the Goulasch and the Sachertorte.
A big thank you to all the hands involved to make this celebration such an memorable one.


Oct 5, 2012

World's biggest Dome in Singapore

Is Singapore's government living the Olympic motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius", which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger"?

Appears everything built in Singapore has to bigger and better. Flyer, F1 Night Race, Gardens by the Bay which its gigantic artificial super trees and I'm sure Singapore also holds the world record in the most malls per square meters of land.

And now, building the world's BIGGEST Dome (310m wide) sounds fantastic too. Bragging that it'll be 35m wider than the Dallas Cowboy Stadium is impressive! However the Cowboys Stadium can seat 80,000, with a maximum capacity including standing room of 110.000. What is that compared to the meager 55.000 the Sports Hub (what a horrible name) can hold.  Well, the Dallas Stadium does not have a (of course LARGE) integrated Mall.

Not to forget the he Dallas Dome houses a world class NFL football team!
What makes me very curious now which world class National Singapore team will be home to this  Sports-hub? Well right, if you add a couple of bucks to the 1.33 billion that Stadium costs you can buy the best soccer players, rugby players, cricket players or whatsoever bring them in as foreign talents and make them Citizens.
There you go, that answers our question who's gonna use and fill that stadium not only for the National Day Parade which I assume will move back form the Bay area otherwise the Sports Hub will become a big white elephant with an extraordinary appetite for food (= electricity) and believe me that animal has a very long life expectation!
Guys, if you continue like that you're running out of space soon and yet you want/need to increase the population by a few millions?

Having said that the architecture seems to be very impressive not only with its retractable roof but also with "under seat cooling" where cooled air will be supplied under the seats of the spectators.
The Sports Hub will consist of two indoor arenas, an aquatics centre and a large shopping mall with a completion date end of 2013.