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WS K88
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Nov 30, 2010

The man with the pan

Andy from down under- on his visit at Erich's Wuerstelstand

Nov 29, 2010

Port of Call - Singapore

The Italian registered Cruise liner AIDAaura with mostly German passenger on board is calling on Singapore port every 14 day till April 2011.

Operated by AIDA CRUISES the ship is since 2003 in service and was built in Germany.

for more details pls visit the

Official AIDAaura website

Sunday Nov. 28th 2010- Singapore

Group no.6 arrive at Erich's Wuerstelstand in Chinatown

...and guess who is the guide? No other than Gudrun
Shortly thereafter the bicycle land tour with the scout drop by at Erich's with a momento to manifest the presence of AIDAaura

and the young lady make sure the passanger are taken well care off during the "land ausflug"
Thanks for visiting and c.u. in 2weeks

Nov 28, 2010

Advent at the Wuerstelstand

Being a tradition ,friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand celebrated the 1st Advent with "Feuerzangen Bowle"
Prepared to perfection by chief alchemist Dr.Claus the evening was a great sucsess and the bottles of wine used where never counted and it really did not matter as everyone had a good time.
Merry Christmas to all we know but where not able to be here
the bowle was drunk on behalf of you

Judith is in charge to make the backdrop (..and drop it did)
No need to hide behind this master piece and everyone confirmed it

Herbert,that foto is for you a a promise

Claus at work with Mr. TO providing the QC and Judith relaxing after the writing

Inspection of the sugar loaf for the perfect burning and taste of the bowle.

its working,its working soon we get to the main attraction

A toast to all our friends aroud the world. We made it and got the perfect hot drink in this tropical cimate.

The best part is the caramel is'n it?

The proof- it was a sucess and no leftover-sneak peak in our zauberer's kitchen
Thank you
and see you all on the 1st Advent in 2011

Nov 27, 2010

Smiling in the Rain

On a rainy friday afternoon,Stanley and the 5 "beauties" who paid a visit to the Natural Healthy Juice Bar next to Erich's Wuerstelstand

Nov 26, 2010

Random pictures of visitors in 2010

Well to get organised is not so easy.

Apologies for the delay to post the pictures.

But- better late than never.

Thanks for the understanding of all friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand.

The pictures are self explanatory


Nov 25, 2010

A rainy day in Paradise

It rain's again-and that on Wednesday afternoon,but the "natural juice spirit" is high at Stanley's "saftladen"
Things dryed up in the evening and guss what?....

a bit foggy in chinatown or is it someting else on the foto?
Mr. TO (Roberto that is) decieded to show Mr. Goebel the last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator and the effort earned Mr. Goebel a induction into...........

Erich's "Wall of Fame" smuck in the centre

Nov 24, 2010

The day at Erich's Wuerstelstand

Caption of things happen at Erich's Wuerstelstand in Chinatown the last one before the equator.
By chance on Tuesday 23.November 2010 Klaus and Mathias missed each other by about 13min and 43sec (Klaus was first)
Never than less each of them has its sibling and relatives visiting Singapore- and so they desided to spent some quality time at the Wuerstelstand.

Mathias and his brother
Klaus sister and cousin

The whole lot and more Heineken

Nov 23, 2010

::International Bartender Association - Current Year Congress::

Visitors from Austria.
Members of Team Ausrtia from the Oesterreichischen Bartender Union (OBU) =
Austrian Bartender Union
participating at this years congress held in Singapore (for details see below) strolled trough Chinatown and had a chat with Erich.
Good luck for the competition
see you all with your trophy on Friday

::International Bartender Association - Current Year Congress::: "IBA 2010 (59th I.B.A.) meeting scheduled to be held in Singapore.

Date: 22 to 27 November 2010
Meeting Venue: Swiss Hotel The Stamford, Singapore
2 Stamford Road, Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 6338 8585 Fax: +65 6338 2862
Competition Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre, Level 4
Conference Secretariat: Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore, Website:"

Nov 14, 2010

Visitors from the high Sea

On the stopover of the container vessel "Kuala Lumpur Express" in Singapore,a group of German Aprentice on board needed to check out the last sausage kiosk before the equator-Erich's Wuerstelstand


Happy sailing and c.u. soon again.

Nov 3, 2010

Lost and Found

Welcome back Ilka & Walter
Thanks for the note on 1.November.see you soon

2.April 2010 surfaced and dived again.
Walter and Ilka return to Singapore

Greetings from Wuerstelstand

MediaCorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2010

Aloysius Lim Xian Kwan
75hours 17 min
is the winner.
Drive safely in your well deserved prize.

Team Philippines

Past years winners:

Mohd Amat61 hours 55 minutes
Zech Leong
David Gerard Felix66 hours 52 minutesN.A.
Ian Lee74 hours 59 minutes
Cheang Pui San
Koh Meng Khoon and Lung Wen Jie64 hours 31 minutes
Zac Ng and Alex Koh
Alex Koh73 hours 56 minutes
Johnny Chua
Sandra Yeow (female)
*Kevin Lee (male)
77 hours 13 minutes
*76 hours
Phua Lee Lian
George Lee81 hours 32 minutes
Mary Tan
Mohd Anuar77 hours 43 minutes
Santozkumar Poonsolai
Aloysius Lim Xiang Kwan75 hours 17 minutes
Abdul Hamid Jonid

Kevin Lee finished overall fourth at 76 hours and won the men's category at 73 hours 55 minutes"

Nov 1, 2010

From Gresten at work in Singapore

24.August 2010

Late but not forgotten

Quality from Austria is needed everywhere!

Bogenreiter Martin (Gresten-Land Weidachhoehe)

from left: Manuel Mayer(Reinsberg),Pointner Walter(Gresten -Goganz),Galhuber Ronald(Gresten-Land Schmiedgraben)

All the way from Gresten ,Perwarth,Randegg,Reinsberg,Gresten Land- this guys have to do a job

from left: Studibach Manuel (Randegg) Langsenlehner Stefan (Perwarth)

Visiting from GRESTEN

Fam. Hofmacher visit Erich's Wuerstelstand on their travel trough Singapore.
What a surprise.

Tim Klink

3.August 2010

After traveling thousands of miles on his motorbike from Germany (Heilbronn) to Singapore,Tim stumble over Erich's Wuerstelstand.

and remember where you got the "Leberkas weck mit a bisal senf

LKW with ABS

Have a safe trip Tim