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WS K88
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May 22, 2011

A extra Fruehschopperl

It's about afternoon in Chinatown,-when four Austrians just woke up and needed some kind of fruehschoppen.
Understandable,life is not easy in the tropics but a Stiegl bier helps a lot to endure the heat.
So the 7th Fruehschoppen was born out of desperation by the participants fron 3 states in Austria

NIEDEROESTERREICH (wo ferien noch ferien sind)

WIEN (ist ein Koenigreich und drum herum is Oesterreich)

STEIERMARK (steirer man a very gut und das sogar ohne hut)

a perfect three state triangle (manche sagen auch pyramide-und oben drauf sitzt der wuerstelmann)

The participants

(and we are not in the name dropping business)

everybody knows them!!!!

Quality control
So how? Its the way to do it

Creating a master piece

It has been done-and that before night fall


the next one will be no 8 (lucky number)

So when?

May 17, 2011


At the tender age of 1month and 3 days, Michael Carlos has set a mark for himself to be the youngest to visit Erich's Wuerstelstand

and who are the proud parants???.....

pls see below
yes that's right,it is Roberto (Mr. To) and Ngoc with Grand ma in the middle

Mama To - MiniTo-Mr.Toall the best to Roberto and Ngoc

May 14, 2011

Friday night in Chinatown

from right-Joe Palme "der Dokeraner", Christa and Josef aus Waidhofen / Ybbs - Lower Austria

on Friday the 13th night in Chinatown