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Mar 22, 2009

"Sometimes when I'm dreaming........"

Once in a while even Erich has some time to dream, especially on rainy afternoons when customers are hiding in shopping centres or at home.

That's when Erich starts dreaming who one day will show up at the Wuerstelstand...........

In this picture, the 2 most famous Austrians.

"You never know sometimes dreams come true, Erich!"

Mar 18, 2009

Latest TV appointment: Korean TV

As I mentioned in a previous post with regards to TV teams interested in shooting at Erich's it happened the other day. The Korean director a very nice and polite man was asking everyone at the kisok for permission to shoot, which actually never happened before and I've seen quite a few teams there.
Any way it was a very seious shooting with a light crew, sound engineer and the director asking the camera man to move around to different positions. Erich is already a pro (after so many shootings and interviews) so he sometimes tells the camera man which is the best postition for him.
For us it was a fun evening answering their queations about Erich. They TV director promised to send us a DVD once it was broadcasted in Korean TV in June and then I will post the video.
What was that on the chair? A Korean pet? No worries animal righests, it's just a wind cover for the mic.

At the end of the shooting Erich even had to sign release forms and other stuff, a really very serious thing.

Mar 12, 2009


This video was created for the AARP : "U@50" video contest and placed second.
It is based on the Argentinian Political Advertisement "The Truth" by RECREAR which won the "Silver Lion" in the Cannes Lions Contest 2006.
Category: Public Awareness Messages
Title: TRUTH (Click if you want to watch the award winning video)

A great inspirational video and a perfect time to think about priorities in life during this economic crisis.

Quiet Chinatown

Isn't it scary how empty Chinatown looks nowadays, sometimes like a ghost town.
The silver lining however is that there are still noticeable tourist arrivals from (surprise) Austria and Germany. Many of these folks are visiting Chinatown and curiously searching for Erich's Wuerstelstand because they have seen him featured on Austrian or German TV or newspapers. Some of them even bring along the cut out newspaper article. So all the PR activities seem to become quite successful and will be continued.
Some TV teams have already announced their interest in shooting at Erich's kiosk in the near future.

Mar 8, 2009

One Thousand Apologies

Dear blog readers and friends. I am devastated and embarrassed. In my post about "the year of the ox" and the celebrities being born under this zodiac I made a very big mistake. I forgot to mention the most important and probably biggest of all oxes, the inspiration and main figure not only for this blog but for many travel reports and TV spots all over the globe: Ang Moh- Erich- The Sausage man!

How could I forget about this famous icon of Singapore's Chinatown. I do hope for forgiveness and his graciousness.

Here an "ox" celebrity recap:

Mar 7, 2009

Full success for ERDOMO stimulus package

The ERDOMO stimulus for Chinatown's economy seemed to have fully kicked in. A bit more people than usual showed up. Erich was sold out early that night as was the Thai shop with Erdinger.
However not all of the success can be claimed by the ERDOMO guys. It was a coincidence that the same night a big group of Austrian tourists and another party of Germans were there the same time.
Anyway it doesn't really matter who is stimulating the economy, we have to be happy that still tourists arrive and spend.
For Erich however it was kind of stressful to run out of some sorts of bread and sausages early that night, but that's the risk of his business, it's always hard to calculate how many people stop by at his Wuerstelstand so sometimes he sells out to early and sometimes he ends up with oversupply.

No pictures were taken because the generous spenders wanted to stay anonymous, which of course we do respect.

Mar 5, 2009

ERDOMO shows responsibility in current economic situation

The board of ERDOMO has decided to show some sort of responsibility in these troubled times and wants to hand out a stimulus package to Chinatown businesses.
The theme is:
"Trinken fuer einen guten Zweck, bzw. aus der Rezession rausfeiern! (Drinking for a "good" purpose or party out of the recession)!"
That's why they ask all members, friends, and friends of friends and all other interested parties to join them tonight (Thursday) at Erich's. The more people turn out, the more sausages they consume at Erich's, juices at Stanley's or Erdinger at the Thai shop the better the start for reviving Chinatown's economy.
We cannot rely on governments help only. People have to take things in their own hands as well.

So give it shot and show up tonight!! From 20:00 onwards.

P.S.: It is only a rumor that this is a bail out plan for Erich's Wuerstelstand! No worries he's still doing fine!