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May 3, 2012

James fom JB visit Erich's Wuerstelstand and enjoy the Kaesekrainer

May 2, 2012

Singapore’s latest attraction: Bay South Garden

Gardens by the Bay is an integral part of a strategy by the Singapore Government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" into a “City in a Garden” which aims to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora to the city.
Gardens by the Bay is intended to become Singapore’s premier urban outdoor recreation space, and a national icon.

After a sneak public preview in November 2011, the Bay South Garden, a section of the waterfront gardens in the new Downtown @ Marina Bay, will open on June 29.
The sprawling 54 hectares Bay South features man-made, tree-like structures known as "supertrees". Visitors with a taste for heights can take to the aerial walkway that links two of the super trees.

There is also the Dragonfly Lake, where visitors can stroll along the promenade or rest in the four heritage gardens which reflect the history and culture of Singapore's main ethnic groups. 
Dr Kiat W Tan, CEO of Gardens By The Bay, said: "We have brought (in) two glasshouses that'll give you a touch of perpetual spring. So this is excellent in that here in the tropics, we have a touch of the seasons. It allows us to also look at plants from different continents, brought here from fragile habitats that are disappearing very fast.”

Visitors can also look forward to the Cloud Forest where they will be greeted by a mountain, covered in a layer of luscious plants and complete with a 30-metre waterfall. It has a living skin. Every single plant has to be tied on. And there are over 100,000 plants. There's a wonderful array of ferns, orchids, pitcher plants," said Dr Tan. Most of Bay South will be free to visitors, except for the two conservatories and the aerial walkway on the super trees.

To celebrate the opening of Bay South, there will be a series of events organised over two weekends from June 29 to July 8. These include "live" concerts by Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz and local songbird Corrine May. Six restaurants will also be opened for a unique dining experience in the garden.

Check this out, here’s an amazing impression of the Gardens by the Bay: