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Jan 25, 2012

Fun Performance or Highly Offensive to Tradition?

Power packed Lion Dance Performance

This “Lion dance” performance in Chinatown a while ago caused some heated discussions.

Here are some of the pro and contras:
“... a fun performance - it's not really a lion dance...”

"i'm sure they meant no offence by this, although i can see how you might be a bit put off, if you're a purist.”

“ a lion dancer myself for over 15 yrs, this is highly offensive to the traditional style and a slap in the face of those traditions..."

“... this is ridiculous. its not dancing, neither is it funny to poke fun at the asian culture...”

...strange mix of different cultures, and I'm sure many people of the older generation were probably turned off by it...

“..This is like FRIGGING AWESOME! Its not easy to do such dance while carrying that big lion head. GREAT JOB!! “

“...That was fun and energetic, though not traditional...  

“...Cool course it's not the same as traditional lion dance ,but it's very inventive...”

“ ...It's really taking the art of the lion dance and giving it new life! Everyone has seen a 
traditional lion dance and these guys made it relevant to people today! Awesome!”

“ ...But putting a ballet tutu on the lions is just a mockery. So messy and just terrible. Lions are supposed to be majestic and dignified but apparently someone has gotten these lions...”

“ it or not, these people probably attracted more crowd than any other local lion dancers out there. have an open mind people ;)...”

“... aww cmon it's entertainment! and it's awesome! it's just a hybrid between different genres of dance and different traditions. nothing wrong with that. plus it's not as if singaporean chinese upkeep all the traditions that our forefathers did in the past too.

stop being so narrow minded singaporeans!!”


Jan 23, 2012

Welcome the Year of the Dragon

A very Happy New Year to all of the friends and customers of Erich's Wuerstelstand. May the year of the Dragon bring good luck, fortune, health and prosperity:

Gong Xi Fa Chai- Gong Hey Fat Choy 

Jan 12, 2012