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May 31, 2007


Wishing that peace and tranquility be by your side...
Today and always!

May 30th: the 14th day of the 4th Lunar Month in the Buddhist year 2551 thousands of people came to Chinatown to celebrate Vesak day and the opening of the new Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with a colorful parade. Floats, dance, music and fireworks were the highlights of this evening with Singapore's President S.R. Nathan as guest of honor.

Temple and Vesak Day Parade Impressions

May 27, 2007

Empty stalls? What's going on?

We'll find out soon

New crowd at the Wuerstelstand

Saturday night Judith and Herbert introduced a new crowd to the Wuerstelstand. After a gathering at their house having (a) few drinks they came with their friends to Erich for supper. However before they left the house everyone had to check out the Wuerstelstand blog to get a feeling what to expect! if. Erich's is a "5 Chef Hat" chef, you know!!!

Herbert & Judith

Erich getting busy Saturday night

It was a mixed crowd of Singaporeans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Australians, US and Krauts ;-)

But it turned out to be a fun night for all of them and it seemed this supper will be repeated soon. Welcome to Erich's community.

May 23, 2007

Apologies to regulars

Apologies to the Wuerstelstand regulars when we sometimes brag about things that are very familiar to you guys. However our statistics show we're getting a lot of hits from overseas countries like USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, India and Vietnam to name a few only.
The following post is for example one such thing every regular visitor knows:

COW BELL - Kuhglocke, Almglocke

Sometimes when you're enjoying your Bratwurst Erich suddenly starts an ear deafening noise with his cowbell! Wuerstelstand visitors and passers-by turn their heads to find out what's going on.
Actually only 2 reasons can cause this fuss:
1. An Austrian has arrived at the Wuerstelstand (that was the main idea behind Erich starting it)
2. Singapore tourists passing on trishaw tours (Erich wants to welcome them in Chinatown)

You also have to pay attention to the intensity of the ringing because there are different "noise" levels.

The loudest of course for Austrians, then there is a more gentle ring for "half" Austrians being spouses (not of Austrian origin) of Austrians or "adopted" (by Erich) Austrians.

May 17, 2007

Vesak Day: Another Highlight in Chinatown

If you've been wondering what all these colorful lanterns are about in Chinatown the last few days, here is the explanation: Vesak day and Vesak celebrations are on their way. This marks another highlight in Singapore's event calendar.
Celebrated on the 30 May originally though the festival will start on 19 May with the light up ceremony and will end on 1 June.

Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and Nirvana of Lord Buddha. Celebrate this holy event by spreading warm wishes and love everywhere.The day starts with chanting of the sutras by saffronclad monks, while devotees visit the temples to pray and meditate and to make offerings. Acts of generosity known as dana are observed by Buddhist organizations and temples. These include the freeing of caged birds and animals, visiting and giving alms to the poor and needy, while some Buddhist youths organize mass blood donation at hospitals. The celebration concludes with a candlelit procession through the streets.Observers as well as devotees are welcome to join in the celebration at Buddhist temples.
The new Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Musuem (BTRTM) is organising this Chinatown Vesak Festival in line with the launch of the BTRTM:
- Street light-up of South Bridge Road (19 May- 10 June)
- Vesak Parade (30 May)

- Vesak Countdown (30 May)
- Soft Opening of the BTRTM (early morning of 31 May)
- Vesak Charity Carnival (30 May-1 June)


Congratulations Erich & Team
for the successful opening of your Imbiss & Backstube
Wishing you good luck and great business
Der Freitags-Stammtisch

Erich's newest venture: IMBISS & BACKSTUBE

Erich can't rest but that's not new at least for the people having known him for a while. Being bored in the morning since his Wuerstelstand only opens in the afternoon he had to look for additional work to keep him busy (just kidding)

That's why he opened his IMBISSTUBE (snack kiosk) und BACKSTUBE (bakery kiosk) right next to the coffee shop only a few steps away from the Wuerstelstand.

He hired Linda one of the best bakers in town to keep the quality of products at his high standard level.

We will update you about menu and products frequently, however since they just started not to many dishes are on the menu yet.

From the BACKSTUBE: Very delicious but inexpensive MUFFINS (Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cheese), his famous onion buns and Semmeln (bread rolls) come out of the oven a few times every day .
And man, they are going fast!
Because they are probably the best muffins in town!!

Well, there's nothing more to say about it for the time being but

You won't regret.

Business Hours: Open daily from 10.00am - 8.00pm

For orders call: 6224 4420

Many visitors checking our blog

We are surprised but very honored to have quite a few of visitors to our blog site every day. However no one signs up for our community! It would be great if we could get every visitor sign in to start the Wuerstelstand community. It's free and there are no obligations. Takes just a few minutes. Let's go!!!!Cheers, YourFrank'n Furter

Karin's Last Evening

Karin (from Bad Mitterndorf-Austria) was here for a visit to check out the "place" where her cousin Harald ("Steirermen are very good") found his new home and girlfriend (!!!). I guess she approved everything. Now she's heading to Koh Samui to relax after a tireing week with Harald.
Edi, Erich, Karin, Lyn, Uncle Claus

ERDOMO- Stammtisch

Welcome ERDOMO Stammtisch on our website: ERster DOnnerstag im MOnat.

I'm not so sure about the rules and criteria to attend this Stammtisch. But probably some member can post or comment and inform our community about it. I only know there are quite a few Infineon guys, then Martin our lawyer (hope I don't get in trouble with patent rights of the name ERDOMO) and some more, so far mainly German dudes.

But they met at Erich's again last night! So remember ERDOMO - First Thursday a month- a date to remember.

Erich: The Famous Chef

Even Erich has to eat once in a while and sometimes
he's sick of his sausages. No wonder!!

So he eats Chinese sausages and noodles for a change

Look at that face. Is it the Chinese Food?

Not so nice, what?

Relaxing after supper

Kathi's Farewell Part I

Kathi is leaving Singapore for a "better" location. Her new workplace is Dubai!
How can she...

At least we had a reason to celebrate

Here's the crowd: Kathi in the centre

Erich's wife Helen not really in party mood :(

But these 2 guys always like to party:
Herbert and Judith:

Kathi's Farewell Part II

Later that evening, things were getting out of control:

Look at this fella? ..................Not this one

That's the one I'm talking about: "Steirerman"

I didn't know vinegar makes you high!!!

Kathi's Farewell Part III

Later that night:

Girls out loud

Mixed community

Prosit Edi

Kathi's Farewell Part IV

More Photos

Herbert and famous Singapore Soccer Man

Good luck in Dubai Kathi