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Feb 27, 2008

The Singapore Flyer is ready to spin

The Singapore Flyer will officially open on March 1. Since a view weeks they've already been spinning the magnificent wheel in a soft launch.
We've been lucky to grab some tickets in advance taking the change to be among the first to experience the tallest ferries wheel in the world. And I have to say it's really breathtaking to slowly climb the highest point at 165m.
It is 30 metres higher than the London Eye and 100 m higher than the Vienna Ferries Wheel. The wheel's diameter is 150 meters.
It takes about 30 minutes to hover to the height of a 42 storey building and back to ground level.
It's a very quiet and smooth ride in these 28 fully air conditioned and UV protected glass capsules with capacity for up to 28 people each. You can experience some of the best views in the entire region, Singapore's city from Changi Airport to Sentosa Island, the container port and on clear days beyond into parts of Malaysia and the Indonesian Islands.
Its exciting to watch the enormous construction activity in our city from a birds eye view. You can spot hundreds of busy cranes all over the island.
The construction site for the Integrated Resort seems to be huge from here.
A lot of construction activities are related to the Formula One Night Race in September. Below you can see the shell construction of the pit stop.
Only a few month more and the peaceful spinning of the flyer will we interrupted by the roaring sound of highly powered Ferrari or Mercedes engines. Reaching the highest point after 15 min.
Looking 165m down.Unfortunately our "friendly" neighbours sent us over some haze which disturbed the wonderful view a bit.
Moving downwards again.

Back in the base.

But there is more than just experiencing the amazing view. The organizers have a lot more to offer:
You can rent a whole capsule for yourself for all kind of occasions such as Weddings -Birthday parties -Class gatherings -Graduations, you name it.

Want to see the fireworks on National day or New Years Eve you better be quick, these special dates are taken up fast.

You have to ride the flyer at least twice to experience the gorgeous view of Singapore and neighbouring islands and one flight at night to see the city lights.

It's definitely worth it.

Feb 24, 2008

Final Gathering to End Year of the Rat Celebrations

We finally gathered to another "Feuerzangenbowle" to end this seasons Chinese New Year celebrations. It also marks the end of our "cold" Singapore winter. So for the next parties it has to be cooling drinks like Sangria or Margarita's besides Erdinger or Tiger beer.
Uncle Claus, "the master of ceremony" did his best again to please us with a warming and delicious hot Feuerzangenbowle. He's so good at it that rumors have it that for his chemistry doctorate he researched and wrote the thesis about best formulas and ingredients for this specific drink.
Here are some impressions of the night:
Dr. (Hexenmeister/Wizard) Claus: Master of Ceremony
Dr. Claus and Zauberlehrling/wizard's apprentice Herbert
Claus, Elfie and Herbert Q
Wuerstelstand ("Patent Pending") Attorney Martin, Herbert, Judith closely watching Claus's ceremony.