WS K88

WS K88
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Nov 22, 2012


31Days =

for the past 2555 days.
A milestone has been achieved in serving the community in the heart of Chinatown- German Sausages.
Being a centre for "inspiration"and source for informations on the daily life in Chinatown a special salute to all the followers of the blog aswell as the facebook friends.
During the past 8 years faces have changed,people have come and go-(some returned again) or keep in touch from far and near.
We will not know what the future will bring,but the memory and expirience will be treasured forever. Hoping to serve the community for a prolonged time is what we can wish for.
counting down.......
early wishers Ilka,Judith and Herbert

 still cooking
 James from JB

 Max,James,Eva and Sky
A Anniversary cake- thank you Ilka
 preparing for the cake cutting ceremony
 Action am Wuerstelstand


 "Vegetarian Sparkling Wine"

 Sky wants to be a he is closer to the Sausages
Thank you to all the customers and friends