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Aug 22, 2010

Singapore team for Winter Olypmics

Congratulations, what a fantasic idea of Singapore's Sport Council!

The tropical island follows suit some other exotic wannabe wintersport countries that have never ever seen snow. Uber-rich Singapore obviously has too much money to waste and too much time to even think about such a ridiculous idea.

If they realize this idea another avenue for "foreign talent" has to be opened, this time at least not from China because they themselves are still considered a developing country in skiing or snowboarding.
At least the "perfect" training facility already exists: The Snow City!
Good luck Singapore!

Aug 19, 2010

YOG-TEAM AUSTRIA @ Erich's Wuerstelstand

Welcome at the last sausage kiosk before the equator to all member of (see below)

what a surprise for Erich

.... now I need a Wurst - the best would be a EITRIGE

.... GOT IT

thanks for taking the time to drop by
all the best for the competition!

Aug 17, 2010


Time has come again - to celebrate "FRUEHSCHOPPEN" the Austrian way for the 6th time since the first "encounter" with this tradition.
08/08/10 looked to be a very good date to do just that.
and off we went
Everything ready at 3pm just minutes before the arrival of Helmut at 3.08pm to give the set-up a final inspection

Inspection passed and Heinz also arrived- now the party got started and Stefan rushed from the Airport to join in.

with a special delivery of Manner schnitten for Erich and friends.

DAS BEWEIS FOTO! Thank you Helmut,Stefan and Heinz
Manner (mag man eben) Schnitten-Estragon Senf.....for our friends in Singapore who appreciate Austrian quality

Our 3 Austrians are joined by Friedhelm from Germany who is at Erich's Wuerstelstand regularely during his stay in Singapore
PROST MEINE HERREN! and "greetings from Hollywood" to all our friends around the Planet.

The farewell after a nice evening with friends from all over the globe- and until we hit the
at the last sausage kiosk before the equator

Congratulation to Team AUSTRIA for the bronze medal in Triatlon

Christine Huck -YOG Judo-52kg participant and family found the last sausage kiosk before the equator. All the best

Members of the German YOG team and delegation "stumble "over Erich's Wuerstelstand on Monday afternoon during a stroll trough Chinatown.

Some very Singlish tips about the 7th month

Credits: Someone who wrote this
How good is your Singlish!?! Understand or not? huh? LOL

1) Dun stay out too late. If there's a need, stay past midnight...

2) Dun step on ashes.. If accidentally step on it, say "Alamak! paiseh la.....dun angrrryyyy l...ehhhh".

3) If some1 call u from behind, turn ur whole body back, instead of just the head if not later sprain ur head then how......

4) If smell funny smell, shout out and say "which ******* manz..better own up hor!"...if not people will mistaken u who fart...

5) Dun let your fringe cover your forehead, later got chiobu u cannot see lah....

6) Dun scold vulgarities at some dark places when u are alone. Scold also scold when there is people around la...dun waste your own breath mah...

7) If a place makes you uncomfortable, keep chanting "Na2 Mo1 Or1 Ni3 Tuo3 Fuo3...first"

8) Avoid going swimming, because now Lunar 7th chiobu one to show off body to...

9) If there's a pair of shoes in the lift, but no one is in it. Check out the brand first, scarly is HERMES...sell liao still got value..

10) If you see anyone praying and blocking your way, just shout "OIEE....SIAMMM LEHH!"

11) Do not talk to strangers on a deserted stretch of case people say "我不想跟你讲话。。。".

Lastly, "人怕鬼三分,鬼怕人七分" Do not be afraid even if u meet this kind of thing. Don't believe to this crap la...i only hear of 不管三七二十一。。。

Aug 16, 2010

Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival 2010

Birth, Life & Death in Chinatown Tour - $33 per person (includes GST) (All About Chinese Beliefs, Myths and Taboos)

Saturdays & Sundays (14th, 15th, 28th, 29th of Aug & 4th, 5th of Sept), 4.30pm-8.00pm (dinner provided)

This tour provides you with the lowdown on everything you ever wanted to know about Chinese beliefs, myths and taboos. Guides will walk participants through Chinatown to look at interpretations of traditional Chinese beliefs that are part of the life cycles of birth and death. Tour participants will get opportunities to consult the Almanac and have their fortunes told. There will also be real-life demonstrations performed by priests of the Taoist Federation.

We’ll answer some burning questions too, like why it’s not safe to point at the moon, when it’s perfectly alright to not wash your hair and of course, how to have a great prosperous life

Walking With the Good Brothers Tour : The Hungry Ghost Festival Walk

21st Aug (Sat) and 22nd Aug (Sun), 6pm-9.30pm (dinner provided)

21 Aug: $33 per person (includes GST)

22 Aug : $43 per person (includes GST)

Enter the world of deities, spirits and beliefs of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Our guide will take participants through a mystical evening of the Hungry Ghost festivities in Chinatown. Find out which deity acts as the festival’s ‘policeman’, what secrets lie in the ‘Fa Cai Ang Bao’ (prosperous red packet), watch the rituals and be immersed in the loud and electrifying action of the Getai and Auction Dinner*. Walk with the ‘good brothers’ (a euphemism for the spirits) as they ‘walk’ the earth once more.

* Auction dinner is on 22 Aug only.

Hungry Ghost Festival Exhibition

10 Aug – 7 Sep 2010, Kreta Ayer Square, Free Entry

Staged in partnership with the Taoist Federation (Singapore), this month-long exhibition is an indepth look at the mysteries and significance of the Hungry Ghost Festval as it is celebrated in Singapore.

The exhibition area will be divided into four zones, namely introducing Traditional Chinese Festivals, understanding the Hungry Ghost Festival, Folklore and a photographic exhibition of how Hungry Ghost Festival was celebrated in the past. It will also feature rare photographs of Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations in the 70s and 80s by Mr Ronni Pinsler - a renowned heritage photographer and was recently

recognised by National Heritage Board as a Supporter of Heritage for donating over 15,000 images to the National Archives of Singapore.

Through the exhibition, visitors will better understand the significance of traditional Chinese festivals, and how they are celebrated.

Visitors will be able to sneak a peek into the mysterious world of Taoist rituals and skills, and understand the fundamental purposes of conducting such rituals during the Hungry Ghost Festival. There will also be exhibits on display to introduce the practices around the Zhong-Yuan festival, including rare Taoist relics and scriptures. A ritual appreciation and demonstration on 14 August 2010 will also introduce the salvation (chaodu) ritual to the public.

For details and tour reservations, pls contact:

Ms Toh Mei Lian

Marketing and Promotions Executive

Tel: 6372 0478 Eail:

Aug 3, 2010

Impressions from the National Parade Previews

45 years Singapore and still flying high

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Erich's Wuerstelstand wishes all Singaporeans a very happy National Day!
May all Singaporeans live their dreams, and fly their flag!

Aug 2, 2010

YOG opening promises splash and splendour

YOG opening promises splash and splendour


45th National Day of Singapore on 9.August 2010,for the total overview please click on the link


1st Youth Olympic Games 14.-26.August 2010