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WS K88
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Dec 18, 2012


Wishing all customers and friends of Erich's 

Wonderful Christmas  and a  Peaceful New Year

During our celebrations let us not forget about all the people who have lost loved ones, especially the 20 innocent kids in Newtown, CT who just got killed a few days before Christmas 

The loss of loved ones turn our life upside down.
Our world as we knew it has changed and 
those changes require that we in turn 
adjust to a new "normal"

Rest in peace!

Dec 10, 2012

Christmas on a Great Street

The glitzy street has been ranked among the Top 10 in Frommers World's Best Holiday Lights: 10 Decorated Cities and Lonely Planet's Top 10 Christmas Markets of the World.  
Orchard Road was also recently ranked the most beautiful avenue in the world by French agency Presence. 

Dec 7, 2012

AIDA Das Club Schiff

For a new season AIDA the Club ship has arrived in Singapore.
From here it will make a two week trip in the region and the crew and passenger alike visit Chinatown to see The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator.


Its the time of the year again,where the days get shorter,the weather gets colder and everyone drink Gluehwein- at least in the northern places of Europe.
For Singapore there is not much change in seasons - exept for all the Christmas lights and decorations flooding Orchard Road.
Oh stop! I forgot there is another place where the feeling of Christmas is in the air.
Erich's WUERSTELSTAND in chinatown.
As a matter of tradition 1st. Advent is celebrated with good friends and a few drinks. this year the 1st.Advent party was held on its eve. Being a Saturday it suited best to have the next day to rest and relax- at least for the participants and not so much for Erich- who relaxes everyday :)
 Ho,Ho,Ho, here comes the fun......



"DomDoms" very unique Advent Calener- he is allowed only one "Blech" a day- if he can find the correct number:)

HoHoHo better be good.......
and have a happy Xmas season


A recent article in one of the Austrian daily News Papers.
A nice combination of a cosmopolitan city and a traditional Sausage Kiosk in Chinatown

Nov 22, 2012


31Days =

for the past 2555 days.
A milestone has been achieved in serving the community in the heart of Chinatown- German Sausages.
Being a centre for "inspiration"and source for informations on the daily life in Chinatown a special salute to all the followers of the blog aswell as the facebook friends.
During the past 8 years faces have changed,people have come and go-(some returned again) or keep in touch from far and near.
We will not know what the future will bring,but the memory and expirience will be treasured forever. Hoping to serve the community for a prolonged time is what we can wish for.
counting down.......
early wishers Ilka,Judith and Herbert

 still cooking
 James from JB

 Max,James,Eva and Sky
A Anniversary cake- thank you Ilka
 preparing for the cake cutting ceremony
 Action am Wuerstelstand


 "Vegetarian Sparkling Wine"

 Sky wants to be a he is closer to the Sausages
Thank you to all the customers and friends