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Jul 27, 2007

Vibrant Chinatown

Last night on my way to Erich I took the long route and strolled around Chinatown to see if new shops have opened or existing ones did some refurbishing or upgrading. I have to say it’s always a pleasure to walk past shops and food stall and even after knowing this place for some years already it’s still exiting to walk Chinatown. Quite a lot has changed since. The most obvious and positive change to me is that shop owners or sellers are not as aggressive anymore in selling their products especially to foreigners as they used to be.
Sometimes their power selling was very annoying and I was rather turned off than interested in looking closer at their stuff.
Well, some of you might still experience some pressure stepping into one of the shops, they still have to make money, but its lot more relaxed than before.

Sometimes it surprises me when I hear at Erich’s that some of the “ang moh” having lived in Singapore for years just recently discovered Chinatown. Guys, where have you been hiding and some of you probably even complaining about how boring Singapore is? Get out of your houses and take a walk, explore the Lion City.
Chinatown would be a good start. Or see other vibrant places (Little India, Arab Street, Bugis Village, etc.) besides Orchard Road. Not to mention the National Parks and trails.

Chinatown, this cultural heart of Singapore with its rich history, with Food Street and Night Market, is changing its face a few times a year for different festivals with the biggest event the “Chinese New Year” of course.
But soon (in September) the moon cake and lantern festival will be on.
We will keep you updated about future events or you can check out yourself on the CHINATOWN SINGAPORE Website where you will find very useful information.

Jul 26, 2007


The other day a very suspicious parcel was delivered to Erich. No postal code, yet it reached the addressee! Hail to the Singapore post or was it
Erich’s celebrity status?
Trying to find out about the content he cautiously shook it hearing a chuggling noise. He thought about the strict regulations nowadays (no more than 100ml liquids are allowed) and it was sent by air...................
But then after inspecting the sender and the customs declaration (1 bottle+ 1 glass) it popped into his mind. A couple of weeks ago a German historian was visiting the Wuerstelstand. This "Dr. Helge" loved the place and the Erdinger Bier so much that he announced to send an original "Koelsch" (Special Beer from Cologne) and so it was.
Dr. Helge also added a very nice note:
Hallo Erich. Schoene Gruesse und Aalaf aus Koeln. Ich erinnere mich immer wieder gerne and den schoenen Abend am 5 Mai 2007.Wie versprochen hier mal ein ganz mildes Koelsch zum probieren. Alles Gute
Judith, Harald and Erich have to make the most difficult decision who will have the honor to enjoy the beer (just a sip each) because the 3 of them met the guy that night and want to say:
Thank you Dr. Helge and hope you’ll soon be back in Singapore.

Jul 20, 2007

Jul 15, 2007


I have to be honest. I always disliked all kind of eating/drinking competitions regardless what charity they were supporting and regardless the food they were using. Chicken rice (Singapore/Hongkong), Hot Dogs (USA), Sushi (Japan), Beer gulping contests (Germany) and so forth.Apologies to the organizers of the Chicken Rice contest in Chinatown, especially to Jennifer, who did a great job, but I just have to say it's disgusting. Probably my own and humble opinion but I can't help it, it doesn't make any sense to me. Many of you don't know it but I was very close to participate, the 1st time in my life. No, I didn't throw my conviction over board, I was persuaded (for charity reasons only) by some friends and secretly enrolled to this Chicken Rice Eating Competition.Well there's always a first time, so I went there ahead of my scheduled starting time, thank god! Because I was able to watch the 1st elimination round and that was when I literally "chickened" out. My expectation was to go there finish slowly one bowl for charity and let others win the first price of SGD 2000.
But then I saw their faces, about 30 competitors on the stage at one time, every one of them eager to win big bucks. And suddenly waiting for the: "Three, Two, One, GO" most of them turned into competition beasts and started to shovel spoon after spoon into their throats without chewing, sometimes on the verge to throwing up again.That was the moment when I decided to not even eat one single bowl of rice and it was the best decision I could have made. Because next round would have been my turn and the worst happened. A guy after having gulped 6 bowls of rice threw all up again onto the table. I'm still shivering thinking of he might have been sitting opposite or next to me and his stuff would have landed on my bowl or even on me. Can anyone imagine?Anyway they had about 80 contestants obviously enjoying "eating" chicken rice. The winners proceeding to the finals next day managed to finish 8 bowls within 10 minutes. One of them was this auntie who was using her spoon like an excavator and managed to finish 8 bowls. Congratulations!Hard workingFinally doneWaiting for results

After all I beg the organizers to think about such competition, probably organize some fun events for the upcoming years and drop competitions that encourage people to disgustingly gulp extensive amounts of food. However if people really like this kind of contest then be it.
Despite the eating contest Chicken rice is one of Singapore’s yummy signature dishes which is definitely worth trying. There are a few stalls in Chinatown, around the Wuerstelstand serving it and of course hundreds all over Singapore.

I myself went to Erich and enjoyed his delicious meat loaf in a bun (Leberkaessemmel) with gherkin and Erdinger beer without having to beat the stopwatch.

Jul 14, 2007

Erich's Bread

Just went back from the chicken rice contest passing Erich's Backstube when a wonderfull scent got into my nose. Linda was just checking the oven if the fresh bread was ready for selling. It was such a delightful smell that I couldn't resist buying a loaf.

You should really try Erich's bread. The price is right (not a ripp off like some other German bakeries) and the bread couldn't taste better.

Jul 13, 2007

“Singapore drivers are among the worst in the world!”

"City jungle" is about daily stuff in our city that causes heavy reactions at Erich's.

This issue: Kiasu, stupid, selfish, reckless drivers
This people really annoy many of on a daily basis.I totally agree to the article in the Sunday Times on July 1.
As if they knew it that I already had a draft about this issue saved on my pc. Since we had quite a few discussions at the Wuerstelstand and many of the community were very upset about traffic respectively about drivers.
No one thought it was because of the many vehicles on the roads now a days, it was about all these Kiasu, stupid and selfish drivers. Many of us have been driving in quite a few really big Cities in the world such as New York, London, LA, you name it, where traffic jams are a daily order and you have to live with it or just “don’t drive!”
But here in Singapore it seems to be different. It’s not the heavy traffic that is irritating it’s actually the drivers that cause this situation.
This has already been mentioned and discussed in forum pages, on the Class 95 “Morning Show” by Glenn and FD and now once again in the Sunday Times. Unfortunately I don’t have any hope it will change in the near future. It’s just, people don’t get it! Full stop!

I’m not going to elaborate the situation which would end up in a never ending story. Let me just highlight the most irritating issues followed by examples:

Kiasu drivers: e.g.: you drive along a highway in heavy morning traffic and leave a gap of 1 car to the one in front of you (anyone ever learned of reaction time?). You can bet the guy behind you will get aggressive and try to overtake you just to settle in in front of you, then driving there at least until we reach the next traffic light! What’s the point for this action, what did he/she gain? The reason for me keeping distance is No 1. safety and No 2. it allows cars from side lanes or slip roads to get in.
Kiasu driving doesn’t get you far anyway!!

Selfish drivers:
You want exit a road soon. Driving in the middle lane you start indicating early enough to show your intention to change lanes. The result: some drivers on your left lane start immediately to speed not letting you turn and even keep next to you so there’s no chance for you to exit.
Result: you have to slow down and almost stop which upsets the drivers behind and causes a jam in that lane as well. Ridiculous, isn’t it.
I don’t even want to start with Taxi drivers blocking 2 lanes and zig-zacking for obviously only one reason to find out which lane could be a little faster.

But how can all this be changed? A first step would be a stricter enforcement of traffic rules. I don’t know where traffic police is hiding all day. Visit other cities and you can find police at junctions, patrolling roads, but hardly here. Get out of your camp and stop these drivers from being a hazard to other road users, simply: FINE them!!! Since money is ‘everything’ in Singapore this seems to be the only language they understand.

Drivers please bear in mind: You’re driving highly powered devices in a city now, no more water buffalo carriages or trishaws in a kampong. Wake up before more people get insured or die.

One last word: The worst comment in the ST report sadly comes out of the mouth of a driving instructor:” Living standards are high, time is very important, everybody is stressed out. How to change? “
Please can someone suspend his driving instructor license! As if only Singapore is facing this kind of problems. With this attitude how would he be able to teach his students road courtesy, tolerance and abiding the law? They will become like all the other errant drivers.
And to parents: I guess you know that most kids are imitating their parent’s behaviors! Start being their role model, not only in ‘how to make big bucks’!!! There is more in life: Live!

Jul 7, 2007

Erich's Bread (is) Talk of the town

Erich's getting everything in order again. His construction is almost completed. A few make up details are left only to be finished. The Wuerstelstand takes a new shape.
Erich now got time to add new items to his menu at the Backstube just round the corner. Besides the already famous (and often sold out) Muffins and Onion Buns different types of bread are ready for tasting:
Since Erich and his baker are processing the best raw materials and natural ingredients this bread is probably not only the most delicious bread but also the most inexpensive in town:
Multi Grain Bread (ca. 750g) 4.90
Dark Rye Bread (ca. 910g) 6.40
Country Bread (ca. 450g) 3.90

You gotta stop by and try out yourself. These new items are just a start. More in the oven to come.
If you want to be sure its not sold out, just make a phone order: 6224 4420
Open from 10am - 8pm daily