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Apr 23, 2012

Erich's latest TV interview

Once again Erich made it into the news. This time Singapore's Razor TV. Check it out:

Apr 20, 2012

Krainer vs. Krainer: the war on sausage

Who doesn’t know what that is? 
A Kaesekrainer! A Eitrige mit an Buckel! A very delicious cheese sausage, which can be messy at times (...if you’re not careful biting into it and the cheese jerks out! haha).
Never heard or worse tasted it?
You better get to Erich’s Wuerstelstand, NOW!! Erich sells the best Kaesekrainer outside Austria and he will tell you all about it.

Austria and Slovenia face international court over sausages!!!
This sausage and its name has been around since years in Austria (since the Austrian Monarchy) and now suddenly after almost 100 years Slovenia, who was part of this Monarchy, has filed an application with the European Commission of “ Recognition and Protected Status for the ‘Krainer Wurst’!” 

Slovenia wants the Krainer sausage to be given special protected EU status, similar to champagne, Parmesan and Cornish Pastry. They claim that the minced pork sausage was invented in northern Slovenia in the 19th Century.
But Slovenia’s plans have upset Austria, because we believe this sausage is our own. Our cheese-filled variation of the sausage, the Kaesekrainer, is one of the Austrians most popular sausages. 
Tourists and visitors love and associate this sausage with Austria not Slovenia! 
Josef Bitzinger from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce:” This sausage is part of Austria’s heritage, and renaming it would be unthinkable. Vienna sausage kiosks (Wuerstelstand) are a trademark of the city and Kaesekrainers have to be on the menu. Frankfurter sausages (Franks) are called Wiener Wuerstel in Germany and that is not a problem” 

Slovenia is applying to the European Commsion for Protected Georaphical Indication status, because of the meat’s connection to the Kranjska region (which was part of the Austrian- Hungarian Monarchy as mentioned before).

Be aware Slovenia, you already started WW I, don’t get into this again! We will fight back using catapults hurling Semmelknoedel (bread dumplings) over the border! LOL 
                                                 ("Kaesekrainer has to stay Kaesekrainer”)

So Erich started his own war (speak: initiative) at his Wuerstelstand where customers demonstrate against renaming the Kaesekrainer:

If you want to show your appreciation of the Kaesekrainer and support Erich’s “Kaeskrainer war", please come to Erich’s and have him take a picture!

Apr 19, 2012

How Singapore has changed!

Here’s a film shot by Kees Renard with a 8mm camera in 1962. It shows the Post headquarters now “The Fullerton Hotel”, an already very busy Boat Quay, with merchants though and not tourists! 

Apr 15, 2012

ECHT FETT - Gummipuppe

Der Wuerstelstand als Kommunikationszentrale:)