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Nov 30, 2007

Social Networking

One hears social networking, immediately names such as "Face book, Friendster, My Space, You Tube, Blogs" pop into our minds. But you might have forgotten another one: Erich's WUERSTELSTAND ! Unbelievable? Believe it. It already happened many times that 'strangers' made new friends chatting over a sausage or a beer there. Even forgotten persons or friends somehow connected again through the Wuerstelstand blog.

Now Erich himself had this network experience which made him very happy. He received a letter from Austria. The writer was no one less than his former and first cooking teacher Elisabeth when Erich was an apprentice in her Restaurant, "Gasthaus Fuchs".

Since he left there to discover the world (and that was "ages" ago), he neither heard nor saw her again.

And now this surprise letter. She read an article in a regional newspaper, found his address on our blog and didn't hesitate to writing him. Lauding him for his success and bragging about old times (and how naughty he was as an apprentice! Just kidding)

A message from Erich to Elisabeth: " Thanks for your kind letter. It really surprised me. I want to wish you good health and all the best for the years to come." Of course Erich has replied with a letter as well but since she found him over this blog.......

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