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Nov 28, 2007

Singapore’s Christmas Hype

To all you guys out there, away from Singapore, thinking celebrating Xmas is only limited to the “cold” countries, I think we’ve proven you wrong if you had time to see our Xmas light up in my previous post.
But this is not limited to Orchard Road and the Marina Bay area even “heartland” malls nowadays are gearing up for Christmas and of course
Erich’ Wuerstelstand has been celebrating Christmas ever since he opened his sausage kiosk. He’s been decorating the Wuerstelstand for all kind of celebrations throughout the year so Christmas is a must a well.
Anyway how could an Austrian not celebrate Xmas when the world’s probably most famous song- “Stille Nacht” (Silent Night) was composed in 1818 by 2 Austrians in Oberndorf a small town close to wonderful Salzburg? (More about that in our Xmas post)
However things have changed a lot since then. Was it to write a song for the mostly poor skippers that made their living by transporting salt on the ‘Salzach’ river and were unemployed during winter. Nowadays this biggest festival in Christianity has sadly lost its original character to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but “times they are changing”.
How else can someone explain the hype caused by Xmas in countries where the believers and baptized Christians make only a single digit in percentage of the population?
But………the shopping centres are sometimes overloaded with Xmas decoration and gifts to buy.
I do understand the economics behind Xmas. It’s the time for shops to make probably the most money throughout the whole year and I’m fine with that. However when I listen to friends or other people everyone agrees that this is almost too much. But then (“Die Botschaft hör ich wohl „… allein mir fehlt der Glaube”Goethe- Your messages I hear, but faith has not been given) all are caught in the Xmas hysteria and continue their shopping spree.
I have to admit I also get excited by the bright lights everywhere. One thing that really turns my Xmas feelings immediately off is having to listen to Xmas songs all over the places again and again and again, especially when they start playing in the 1st week of November (!!!!) already even before the “official” light up.
Singapore is not different especially since we are known as the capital of shopping. I went to town to catch a morning movie last Sunday and to my horror at 10am Paragon car park’s “FULL” sign was already flashing! The crossing at Takashimaya (Orchard Rd) and Paragon looked almost like Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. People, people and more people, quite scary actually.
And this hype, dear readers, will continue till end of ‘Chinese New Year’ Celebrations in February 2008. Hallelujah!

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