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WS K88
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Nov 4, 2007

Day 2: Sunday afternoon

A sizzling Sunday afternoon and many of the contestants are still going strong despite the lack of sleep and the almost inhuman heat at the plaza. The thermometer stood at 38 degrees Celsius!! In some faces pain has already left its marks. Time is taking its toll among both genders. They are starting to have problems deciding which position is the best to outlast others. Some are using the idle hand to keep the other palm down on the car. The lovely Class 95 DJ Carol is trying to cheer to not give up. Stretching also helps to keep muscles flexible. Take off your shoes but the tiles are damn hot.Medical staff is constantly checking the condition and immediately taking someone out if there is a health problem.Game Marshalls are spraying water to cool bodies and even palms.MediCorp TV is around to catch the latest developments.
Tim from Gold 90.5 FM is playing games with relatives and supporters of the contestants

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Sunday afteroon

Palms down since 01 days 05 hrs 50 mins

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