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Nov 26, 2007


.........of course not for the VIP's! They had great spots which is fine with me. But there might have been potential future customers as well.
The good news first: The car is a beauty as most Audis are.
However the location was the worst that could have been choosen for the presentation .
There were just too many pillars, trees and even a bus around the Marriott blocking the view for spectators and quite a few showed up. Another obstacle was the events company's huge elevated box for the mixstation for sound and video which was as big as for some Rock Concerts. The biggest disappointment though was the "RACE" down Orchard Road, which was actually only a rolling along Orchard, guarded by police in midst of the Sunday morning traffic.

They probably should sack their PR guy, because the newspapers created a hype the days before only mentioning Marriott as a starting point and Raffles as Pit stop with a start time at 9am. However no word that most action would actually happen at the Marriott and will last at least 1 hour before they "zoom down" (Straits Time) Orchard Road.
Unfortunately I didn't read the fine print within the Audi advertisement in 'The Sunday Times'! I'm like a lot of my friends and we can't be bothered with advertisements, we just flip pages until we are in the sports section. This is what we're really interested in. But it seemed many more interested people are facing the same problem since they've been waiting with their kids along Orchard Road as well.
So we went to Orchard (in front of Paragon) to get the best spot to catch the Audi spectacle of 3 old and new cars "racing" down Orchard. Time passed by, many cabs and buses as well but no Audi's at all. Dozens of folks with cameras ready had been waiting.
After more than an hour we gave up our perfect spot already quite frustrated and walked towards Marriott and there they were the crowd, drivers and cars.
When the host announced the start of the "race" we rushed back to "our" spot for best views and photos.
My camera was ready for the show, from far I saw blue police lights and suddenly, but see yourself what happened: Can you see the Audis ? No? Just look through the bus window? Well that was how much we saw from the "race"! No more words are needed I guess!

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