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Nov 17, 2007

It's Christmas Time! At Least According to Shops

Ho, ho, ho, ho!
This is the sound many of us have been waiting for since 11 month, although for some it might have been to fast because another year went by way too quick .
Anyway we can't help it and from tonight on it is official. The lights are up: It's Xmas Time.
Well not everywhere yet. If you're wondering, Erich's stall (not in Bethlehem, but Chinatown) is not behind this year but he will only have the decoration up probably next Sunday, for him being a real Austrian this is the actual start of the Christmas season over there.
However his Christmas bakery - @ Backstube- is very busy already preparing hampers for the customers. You will find the order form online soon. So please come back and check out Erich's Xmas Promotions.

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