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WS K88
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Nov 1, 2007


It’s been 3 years now of successfully selling sausages in Chinatown! That means the Wuerstelstand has been open for 1095 days (!!!) That also means Erich has been working for 1095 days without 1 single day of leave.
And thank you for your humor, your friendliness to everyone regardless of age, race or income. You are one of the very rare species that don’t care about status.
It’s also great to listen to your famous speeches (“Erich explains the world”) though sometimes a bit weird/funny but that even makes it more worth listening.
Not to mention our appreciation for the best sausages, pretzels, onion buns and bread rolls in the world.

This “nightspot” seems to attract more visitors than most of the other traditional ones. No wonder they are jealous and sometimes try to block your ideas of doing business.
You truly have become a Singapore Icon most popular next to the Merlion.

Anyway I guess no one would have been able to predict your success when you started 3 years ago. Many thought this Wuerstelstand wouldn’t last very long, this crazy Ang Moh will be gone as soon as the bubble tea did, the Cinnabon did and many more other crazes also did here in Singapore!
However you proofed them all wrong. You’re not only still around but in your 3rd year you even doubled the size of your stall and you started your Imbiss & Backstube which both are already very successful as well.

Again from all of us of “Freitagsstammtisch” a very
“Happy Anniversary” and many more to come.

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