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Nov 5, 2007

Day 3: Monday Evening

It's about 30 min to the next break at 19:00. Left are 27 girls and 13 boys!

Every one's getting excited, looking around if some family members or friends are here for a short chat, some encouraging words or even a hug.

Imagine yourself if you only can eat or drink, freshen up, stretch all your body parts and go for a pee, every 6 hours!
You ONLY got 5 min for completing all these things. That are the rules and if you fail you're out of the competition!

The guys are now since 66 hours into this challenge and most of them still look surprisingly fit. Some seem to be very close to giving up but every participent is trying his/her best.

Only a few more seconds.
One friend or family member is allowed to support during the break. They briefed by crew they get to know what they are allowed to do without violating the rules.
The bell is ringing and the 5 minute count down beginns now. Contestants from cars 1 - 5 are the first ones to break. Running towards the food counter, towards the toilet cubicles or sit down for a massage each of them follows his own strategy.

5 min are over and it's palm down again for more cruelling 6 hours till the next break.

Next are the girls following similar tactics during their break.

Food, massages, stretching

....a quick shower and back to their cars.

And suddenly its over. Under the cheering audience the last group rushes back to their cars.

How many more hours can the last?

What will happen this night? Another downpour, thunder again, lightening. Last night one guy was so shocked by a heavy thunder that he run away out of the cordoned plaza to find shelter. He probably didn't even realize what he was doing. But it was game over for him.
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