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Nov 3, 2007

Talking About Edurance Again

My last post was about Erich’s endurance over 1095 days. Here’s something about another crazy endurance held in Singapore since 6 years now:
Saturday November 3rd. at 13:00 straight, this year’s
MediaCorp Radio Subaru Impreza Challenge 2007
at Ngee Ann City Civic plaza located on Orchard Road kicked in. Over 2000 hopeful contestants wanted to qualify for hours or even days of heat, rain, cramps, physical and psychological pain, and much more.

For non Singaporeans or others who never heard of this challenge just a short update.

It was 5 years ago when the first Subaru Imp. Challenge was held. Since that time thousands of men and women of all ages tried to win that great car. This year will be a battle of the sexes: one male and one female contestant each will walk away with a Brand New Subaru Impreza 1.5R. However first you have stay at one spot keep one hand on a dedicated painted hand on different spots of that particular car.
Seems easy right? However that’s not the only obstacle that hinders you from winning. Here we go:
- You are not allowed to change hands
- You’re not allowed to even lift your palm or you’ll be sent off by the constantly checking and cruising game marshalls
- You need to pee? No way: got to wait for 6 hours because after that there’s a break, but gotta hurry. It’s 5 (FIVE) minutes only. And this few minutes you have to do all that needs to be done, like eating, drinking, kiss and hug your loved one, etc.
- If you missed anything during the break you have to wait another 6 hours.

And there are a lot more of these tuff rules but only if you want to win this car!
You think that’s easy because you’re good at yoga or meditation? That might be an advantage!
But did I mention the temperature in Singapore. At the starting time it had moderate 30 degrees Celsius (with real feel: 40 deg) and about 90% humidity.
The contestants were lucky because dot 13:00 it was cloudy with some showers predicted. However after 15 min the “planet” showed its real face and wanted to brighten up the competition I guess. If you want to check the actual temperature you can find it on the right hand side of this blog.
So are you still interested? Well too late for this year but I’m sure there will be a 7th year of this competition as well.

Media Corp Radio Class 95 FM one of the main sponsors and some of the best MediaCorp Radio DJ’s (Glenn Ong, FD, Carol, to name a few) will be broadcasting their shows live from the venue. So if you wan to get updated about the challenge just tune into Class 95 FM or check out their live webcam. For our overseas blog readers: You can hook up as well as the station is also available online. Class 95 FM
We keep you posted as well.

Contestants are nervously waiting for the start. Everyone has a question regarding the do's and don'ts which are answered by F.D. and Daniel Ong.

The last minutes and off we go!
Good Luck To All Participants!

Parents, family, loved ones cheering from outside the fence. How many days will the participants last? Last update: 2 hours after the start 15 contestants out of the 400 hundred are already out!

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  1. Can't believe you were there everyday! that was lotsa photos, but pity I couldn't find I in them. No luck with the imprezia, and no next time.


    And happy new year!