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Dec 1, 2007

Christmas without snow? Not even in Singapore!

Kids and adults as well, all over the world are enjoying snow, especially when Xmas time is near. Covered mountains, trees and rooftops that makes it feel like Christmas. Unfortunately in warmer regions there's no such white stuff.

To make it up Tanglin Mall, a Singapore shopping centre, is causing man made "snow storm's every year during Xmas light up. And man that is popular. Kids and parents are queueing to catch the storm.

Now where else you're able to play with "snow" in shorts. In Singapore it's the cooler season from November to January, it's only around 27 Celsius, quite cool actually.

Brave young man fighting the elements.

After the snowstorm no need to worry for parents that kids are freezing or catching a cold, no need to sit around the fireplace to warm up their shaking bodies, just take a shower rinse of the snow (soap) and off you go for something really cold: Ice Cream.
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.....and the Singapore Tourism Board Head Quarter

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