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Sep 30, 2007

"The Day After"- actually "The Fridays After"... Harald left

As suspected and mentioned in a previous posting businesses went down in Chinatown after Harald left Singapore. Empty stalls all over the place. The ones suffering the most are Tiger and Erdinger. We are trying hard to compensate their losses. It's tuff though.

Check out the pix, but apologies for the poorer image quality.

One guy only? Very unusual!

Just kidding!

A few minutes after the photo was taken Erich's stall was full as usual. Seems a new big group is holding its Friday after work meetings here.
We'll find out who these guys are soon. They seem to talk in mixed funny accents however they love Erich's 'Leberkaese' and Erdinger Bier from Sawasdee coffee shop.

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