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Sep 16, 2007

Harald’s Farewell Party: with updated pixs

Friday night instead of celebrating our Stammtisch we’d been invited to ‘some’ unimportant Farewell Party and as Expats come and go it’s not a big deal- at least we thought. But it turned out to be a special celebration since it was King Harald of Chinatown, the future ruler of Singapura who’s leaving town on Tuesday.All the “Rich and Famous” appeared including some Paparazzi and had a blast of a night which ended in the wee hours of Saturday rehearsing in the Casablanca bar.
Harald was not only moved but literally shaken by the farewell presents he received from Judith and Herbert. They presented a homemade Chili-Tequilla that made him cry and his body shake and also gave him goose bumps. Rumors tell they might start their own Chili-Tequilla business
Harald still surprised and excited
A frist very sceptical tasting. Could be poisen as well. Who knows?
My goodness. This is really hot!
Don't cry for me.......
Tiger helps in any situation. Tiger the saviour
Of course all of us had to cheer him up again so we also took a shot of this healthy drink.

Cheers! Prost!
Not so bad after all.
Great stuff it even makes Harald move his hips
"Aiyoh. Look at him. If only he'd move at home like this. I can't watch it. That really makes me cry"
Erich is amused watching the scene because he is not tasting the Chili-Tequilla at all.
But he didn’t know about the other present and that he was part of it:
A Poster of "The Singapore Connection, The Godfathers of Chinatown"
The most scary and dangerous trio in whole Singapore, Johor and some say Batam
You better not play play with them

Catch some more pics of the action that night

Herr Tan, Haralds special friend and psyciatric adviser not so happy about Harald's exodus though enjoying the night
Best friends
The waitress was kept busy the whole night..................because there were a lot of other visitors at Erich's that night as well
Erich's Wuerstelstand the most vibrant hot spot in Chinatown every night since 3 years.
It's your own fault if you miss lots of fun, meeting interesting people of all races and walks of life.
Check it out

Here's an update with additional pixs, just received from paparazza JLZ.
Check it out:

Herrn Tans specs make you look smart. That's why everyone wants to try them on. Good we didn't have a mirror

Sure you can read???

Herr Tan the Psychic Reader

Hiding behind Stanley's grass: A klana Indiana

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