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WS K88
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Sep 24, 2007

Next for the lions is the Backstube

After a break to ease human traffic congestion and allow other people to watch the spectacle the lion dancer group assembles in front of the Backstube. Immediately people were trying to get best spot for viewing the dance performance.

The lion sniffing around the offerings, vegetable and fruits. To finally swallow it and spit out the shell again.

Linda, Erich's successful baker and business partner, enjoying the dance with her son.

Another rousing applause ended the lion dance at the Backstube.
The audience was wishing Erich continuous good luck and success in his business. However it's not all about luck there's also a huge portion of very hard work and long business hours needed to be as successful as Erich and his team. Congratulations from our Stammtisch!

If you wish to see all photos of this event, click the photo below
Lion Dance @ Backstube

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