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Sep 1, 2007

Surprise visit of an “old” friend

Last night we were surprised by an unexpected visit of an “old“ friend of Erich’s.
Todd Fenstermaker, the American actor who performed in the musical “The Sound Of Music” two years ago at the Esplanade was in town again for “The King And I”. After his performance he had to pay a visit to the Wuerstelstand to check out changes from two years ago. And of course he was surprised about Erich’s activities over the last few months (Extending the Wuerstelstand into 2 booths, opening of the Imbiss & Backstube).
Todd praising the Austrians lasting power signed Erich's new guestbook.
When he was in S’pore with the very successful “The sound of music” Todd and most of the cast were frequent late night visitors after their shows for supper at Erich’s. Playing in a musical which is all about Austria they of course “had” to eat the best Austrian Sausages in Chinatown Night Market. They even signed a poster for Erich that is displaced in his Kiosk.
And yesterday Todd was back again happy to see old friends. Everything ended in a fun night with chatting and a few glasses of Erdinger.

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