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Sep 24, 2007

Liondance performance at Erich's

Following this old tradition Erich held his official opening ceremony for the new Backstube and the extended Wuerstelstand on Sunday 23. September with a huge crowd of his friends, customers and passer-bys cheering together with the cymbals and drums of the lion dance group.
You may like it or not this sometimes very annoying noise of the cymbals and gong following the moves of the lion, however it's supposed to ward off bad-spirits and bring good luck to both ventures.

Since Erich is the proud sponsor of one lion with the name "Wuerstelstand", it was "his" lion who did the performance. Watch the name around the lion's neck.
Check out the photos of the event:
See the lion's name: Wuerstelstand"

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Lion Dance @ Wuerstelstand

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  1. Yi Zhong Liondance Group.
    Contact: Paul Woo