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WS K88
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Oct 11, 2007

King Harald is alive!

For everyone wondering how he’s doing I went on a fact finding mission to this remote hinterland.
His Excellency found a few minutes in his tight royal schedule and allowed me to meet in a highway coffee shop. Harald was relaxed, settled and showed his famous big smile when I came to find out about his well being in his new kingdom.
King Harald arrives in his new toy.
He looks great and seems to enjoy the Austrian cuisine again. “Mommy” is taking good care of her “lost” and recently returned baby and tends to spoil the boy with great styrian cooking. To me it looked as if it already has left some visible marks around the mid section.
So far Harald was lucky with the weather which couldn't’t have been better at this time of the year: Golden and warm autumn days to make his move from beautiful Singapore less painful.

However there will soon be an end and fog, cold and rainy weather will be on the daily menu.

The castle

Harald fooling around as usual asked me to give his best and greetings to all kangaroos in S’pore.

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