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Sep 29, 2007

Chinatown's Lantern and Mooncake Festival

The moon cake and Lantern festival is finally over.
Chinatown was beautifully decorated and attracted the most crowds ever. This festival is becoming so popular that it starts competing with masses turning out to Chinatown during Chinese New Year.

Set up stalls selling everything from religious items to lanterns and most important in Singapore, of course FOOD.

Around the temple huge lanterns symbolizing the Chinese zodiacs were displayed.
Long queues in front of renown mooncake bakeries.

A downturn that I think needs to be addressed as well:

One thing the organizers really have to look into is how to control greedy stall owners to take up more space than allocated. Many of them are moving their displays so close to the centre of the already narrow walkways causing bottlenecks and sometimes even dangerous human traffic jams which leaves everyone unhappy.
Stall owners complaining about not having enough business!! And more unhappy visitors because they cannot enjoy strolling through nicely decorated Chinatown.

To see the full photo album click the photo below:
Mooncake and Lantern Festival 07

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