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Sep 16, 2007

Hari Raya Tropa: A day to remember

18. September a new S’pore Holiday:
The day King Harald is leaving S’pore.
Officially declared by the President.
A sad Harald
I am very sure there’s no need to explain who this fella is. Recent polls by Singapore Tourism Board show that 90% of Chinatown visitors have visited Erich’s Wuerstelstand and met the King or at least heard his sound voice when passing. You can’t miss it.
A very sad day for Singapore and Wuerstelstand:
King Harald is stepping down from his throne. He will be leaving S'pore for higher honors which is very disappointing as there is only one more influential "Steirermen"...

"Steirermens are very good"

...left outside Austria, our one and only 'Kindergarten Cop' Arnold, the Ruler of California. King Harald was supposed to fill in Arnie's footsteps in this part of the world. That was part of their master plan to have a world ruled and influenced by "Steirermen" (Wikipedia:" a rare hill tribe from Steiermark/Styria, one of the 9 Austrian federal states;
Harald in 20 years (computer animation)
.....famous for Arnold Schwarzenegger, King Harald, Kuerbiskern Oel (pumpkin kernel oil)- sort of eatable engine oil and Schilcher Wine - sort of drinkable vinegar). However Harald had to give up his plans to rule Singapore and SEA after an urgent call from his local governor to become King of Lassing (link: unfortunately in German only) an endangered species of 1,852 left only.
Harald’s first priority assignment is to increase headcount to assure the survival of the tribe. His first step towards this goal is to relax the immigration rules and bring in “fresh” –I doubt it, but never try never know- blood (= foreign talent = wife) from Asian countries. To really be successful in his task I suggest he also brings in Lyn’s pretty daughter. It will be a hard time for those staying back in S'pore (@Wuerstelstand) without his humorous, funky mentality, loud and sound voice and his striking sayings: "Stupid Kangaroos", "Greetings from Hollywood" , etc.
Watch sample:

His exit will most likely cause an economic impact for local businesses a serious plunge in revenues for APB (Tiger, Erdinger), Erich's Wuerstelstand, Schneeschaufler- a coffee shop close to Erich’s (his secret hideout), Casablanca (Karaoke Bar), OT and Durex.

The Chinatown Trishaw Tours have already announced to offer a new tour – “Harry’s trail, off the beaten tracks” which will stop at Harald’s favorite hideouts and includes free flow of Tiger and 1 set of sausages.

A person most disappointed by his exodus will be his secret crush 'Helen' ("a face says more than 1000 words"- picture taken after she heard the news) but we all will try to comfort her in these difficult times.

Despite all the sadness we will always remember him and I think there is even a slight chance for his return when he finds out “there are no kangaroos in Austria" and this discovery will most probably upset him too much to stay there!
Have a great and successful future back in Steiermark.
Chinatown will not be the same anymore.

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