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Dec 3, 2007

HO, HO, HO, HO! Santa has finally arrived!

He was just in time for the 1. Advent Sunday. But I guess we cannot blame Santa, he's getting really old now which slows him down quite a bit. However he looks better than ever and customers and passer-by's were happy and excited seeing him back. He was busy with grilling sausages and posing for photos, to cope with this workload he brought his Santorina as well.

A gentle reminder from Santa Erich: "Ho, ho, ho. Do not forget to preorder Christmas cookies. You have to understand it takes me longer every year to full fill all your wishes. So please fax the wish list (which you can download from my blog) or drop it at the Backstube or Wuerstelstand".
Here are some the the Christmas goodies Santa is offering. But see yourself they are all on display at the Backstube. Another VIP Santorina in Chinatown. Our Erdinger and Tiger Lady from Sawasdee coffeeshop.

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  1. By chance today I am happy to find this website.
    It is beautiful! and You are beautiful Santa Erich!
    I am one of the many customers. I was invited to a gathering for your anniversary, there and then I felt like home in the crowd and enjoyed your delicious and special sausages and beer.The second time I happened to pass-by few days ago with my friend. We ordered a sausage, and sat down at the chairs, couldn't help smiling while enjoyed Santa's serving food with the red dress and big snow white beard...and the delicious sausage. You are really appreciated in your kind intention and effort in bringing smiles other than the good food. They said,smile is the best gradients for food. I have searched through my mind and heart for an idea to thank you but futile. I believe there are many other customers like me and my friend, enjoyed your cozy and warm service and nice sausages in that little home feeling stall, grateful but never got to say THANK YOU in person. I wish one day I could and dare to really make an effort to tell you in person this sincere THANK YOU from heart! Wish you a very beautiful and heart-warming Christmas!May the smiles and warmth you brought to your customers and friends brings back much more happiness,prosperity and bless to you in return!