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Dec 9, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3: Update

Latest update: Terminal 3 is open now. Click here for a detailed MAP and FLIGHT INFORMATION

Americas: Canada, USA
Europe: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
North Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, *Korea, Taiwan
SouthwestPacific: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: Egypt, South Africa
Europe: Russia, Turkey
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Southeast Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

For detailed information check Singapore Airlines website.
Top of the notch Terminal to open soon. Singaporeans had the chance of a sneak preview at Terminal 3 which will officially start its operation on 9.01.2008.
I was open to public last month before carrying out the final touch-up for the grand opening.
Approaching T3 by car and driving towards the departure level you will already be impressed by the size and brightness of the building. But first you pass by the First class check in facility which is a building by itself. Other travelers however are pampered as well, because this new T3 is first class down to economy check in and all other facilities.
It is so much more than I expected to be. Not only the size ( 380,000 square meters) is impressive but also the design with all the fancy details.
Changi airport goes Green: Natural greenery is everywhere in the building. Flourishing nature with live plants, flowers and even trees and advance technology co-exist at T3. This new terminal building is designed as an Eco friendly and energy efficient facility.

One of the highlights is the Green Wall a 300m long and 5-storey tall vertical garden with 4 waterfalls and layers of tropical gardens. It can be seen from anywhere in the land side of the terminal.

A natural lighting system has been developed to cut down power usage for lights. 919 skylights fitted with an intelligent computer controlled system of butterfly shaped reflectors, are illuminating the inside with a soft natural light. These ski light panels are automatically adjusting to the sunlight and at night or on a cloudy day artificial lighting is added to create the same soothing ambience at all times. A top notch air con system diffuses cool air at a low level within dwelling spaces ensuring efficient cooling where it's needed most.
Almost all walls are made of glass which allows easy orientation. Your friends
And relatives can almost follow you into the plane or on arrival see you coming from the gate, follow through immigration and watch you waiting for your luggage.Despite it's huge size there is no need to worry missing a plane:
If your connecting flight departs in one of the 2 other terminals a new sky train service allows you to commute easily between them. 6.4 km of elevated train tracks and 16 train services link the 3 terminals. A total of 8 gates are ready for passengers boarding and disembarking the new A380. Comfortable holding rooms for up to 1500 passengers were built to cater for the high volume of people this giant can swallow in its 2 storey body.

The designers have not forgotten about Singapore's 2 favorite past times. Shopping and Eating has playing an essential part in the new T3. More than 100shops over 30 restaurants and 20 service outlets take up 25,000 sqmtrs.
This terminal has so many firsts, too much to cover in this post. To mention a few I need to highlight Brewerkz 1st micro-brewery in an airport or Guylian Belgian chocolate Café outside Belgium.
Ferrari's travel retail outlet (outside) Europe, airport outlets for Sony and Apple are also firsts.

T3 is an extraordinary beautiful , simple but functional building that requires little maintenance. It's the next level in airport terminals. All you travelers out there you can be really looking forward to take off or touch down in Singapore's latest jewel box.
Singapore Airlines will be moving its operation to T3 and all but 2 flights will be operating from there.

Departure Hall

Arrival, conveyor belt

I want to thank our lovely airport guide Sue who made out T3 tour a highly interesting, informative journey .

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