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Dec 20, 2007

A traditional Christmas in Austria

Christmas Eve (Dec.24) around 6 pm, a little bell rings, the family enters the Christmas Room "Silent Night, Holy Night" sounds from the CD player, all eyes looking banned to the beautifully decorated fir tree and start singing along the tunes.

The kids usually can’t wait till the singing is over because then it’s their turn to find the presents lying under the tree. It’s them to pass on everyone’s gift and then the long awaited moment is here and everyone’s question is, did I get the present that was on the wish list?
It’s still quite common that especially kids don’t know what the “Christkind” (literally: baby Jesus) an Austrian equivalent to “Santa Claus”, did get for them.
They might have been guessing but nothing was confirmed. So it’s most exciting to unwrap the presents.

After that the family will have their dinner. Still very common are the Bratwurst (sausages, like Erich’s) and Sauerkraut (cabbage) or European carp. The dessert would be coffee or tea and the delicious homemade Xmas cookies although many cookies are now bought in Supermarkets or bakery shops.

At midnight the whole family goes to church to attend the “Christmette” (Midnight Mass).

So or quite similar would be the start of traditional Xmas celebrations in a common Austrian household. The style of celebration varies if living in a bigger city or in the countryside where folks used to be more religious and keeping up of traditions is more common.

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