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Dec 3, 2007

4. Austrian-International Fruehschoppen

Santa finally arrived just in time to celebrate the 4. Austrian - International Fruehschoppen.
Well it was actually a Daemmerschoppen ("Sundowner") and it lasted....................As always when Helmut comes to town he's bringing a lot of goodies for a great feast at Erich's. Austrian Speck, Kantwurst, Essiggurkerl, Senf and Erich' bread made it a delicious afternoon.
Besides that we had to celebrate the 1. Advent Sunday and someones 34th (??) birthday(no names please!one hint: female). A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special lady!
After sunset the 1st advent candle was litLater that evening Santa had hats for all of us.
Santa's helpersPosing with the most famous Santa in town.
But honestly: Erich is the one who brings life into Chinatown Night Market with his different faces for all kind of occasions.

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  1. Hallo, du kennst mich nicht,
    aber ichn bin ein sehr guter freunf vom Koch Helmut aus totzenbach, er wird ab 11.1.2009 wieder in singapure sein,
    bitte lass ihn grüßen, denn er wird überrascht sein, dass ihn auf diese weise ein grüß erreicht

    danke wolfgang