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Dec 15, 2007

Erich’s Wuerstelstand fully supports Singapore’s bid to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2010

Youth and Sport are important for a healthy and successful nation.
Coming from Austria a country that has been supporting sport activities for young people since decades, it is great to see a change in Singapore’s long time attitude: ”Studies first” in introducing and promoting more sports in schools.
Austria has a long history of offering various sport schools from primary school onwards up to universities. Since PE or sport has never been seen as a waste of time (as by many parents and institutions here) they have developed a school system that allows a coexistence of education and sport.
The goal was to develop a healthy lifestyle cum education that will make a major contribution to the health of the nation.
Increasing children’s involvement in sports from an early age not only supports and encourages them to become more active but also keeps them away from drugs. Thus makes Erich’s Wuerstelstand support Singapore’s bid.

Dear readers, we encourage you to visit Singapore’s website and voice your support there as well.

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