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Jul 5, 2008

Trishaw tours in Chinatown

Ever thought getting around town in a three-wheeler?
You can explore Singapore’s historical and cultural districts like Chinatown and Little India in a trishaw.
But which one to choose? You want get around in business class or coach? I can tell you they are not all alike. You will find the ‘ordinary’ trishaw that most probably has been manufactured in China, but you can also find many custom made vehicles now a days.
Some enthusiasts are spending hours after hours to design and assemble their trishaw to stand out among their peers.
Last night I saw a new beauty passing Erich’s that got all the attention from locals and tourists. I spoke to the owner and designer of this trishaw:

“The Bat mobile”
Mr. Ong Ee Hin a real trishaw freak has spent besides a lot of money over 700 hours (!!!) in designing and customizing his vehicle.
Everything besides the basic frame is handmade.
The parts he either made by himself or some were even bought in toy stores.

Bright neon lights are giving the final touch but are as power consuming as are the HiFi speakers and the 600 watts amplifier. The car battery only lasts for 2.5 hours. Since Mr. Ong wants to add more speakers he also needs another battery.
Uncle Ee Hin is an enthusiast and customizing trishaws is a hobby for him, so he is only able to offer his trishaw service after work. If you want to book a ride with him you call him directly after 6:30 at: HP 9431 1375. Of course this is not his last one: He mentioned there is already another one in the pipeline. The design: A secret, he won’t even give me a hint.

To get the most out of your trishaw experience, I recommend booking the tour with one of the licensed trishaw operators. You can call them directly or go to their ticketing kiosks.
The trishaw riders will take you along designated routes in Little India and Chinatown that promise the most interesting and enjoyable sights and sounds in these districts.

Trishaw History
The three-wheeled vehicle existed in its earlier form as the "Jinricksha" in Shanghai in 1880 and was manually pulled by a rider in front of a seat attached to two big wheels. The trishaw made its debut in Singapore in the 1940s and was a common means of transport in these olden days. Although you don’t see many trishaws on the roads now, it remains a strong icon of Singapore’s rich cultural history.

The cycle rickshaw, being a small-scale local means of transport, is also known by a variety of other names such as rickshaw, pedicab, bugbug, cyclo, or trishaw. Cycle rickshaws are human-powered, equipped with one or more seats for carrying passengers in addition to the driver. Many cycle rickshaws have replaced less-efficient rickshaws that are pulled by a person on foot.

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