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Jul 23, 2008

Surprise Visit

A dear "old" friend had to make an unexpected but welcome stopover in Singapore. Due to overbooking of his SQ flight to Australia, Gerald and his partner were grounded here for a day, however stuffed with a very generous, adequate compensation. No wonder they charge as so much at SQ! Gerald better known as "Der Maulwurf (the mole)" was in Singapore not too long ago and dug the huge hole under Ford Canning park, called tunnel.
If anyone has complaints regarding this tunnel, get in touch with me I can forward to Gerald.

Of course immediately after checking into his "day only" hotel room his first visit was Chinatown and Erich's! That's what I call loyal customers and this is a driving factor for running this blog, to keep former expats but also friends and locals updated whatz up in Singapore and the region.
The other thing is: Who does not like to gossip at least once in a while. But I promise I will not try to compete or start a war with Singapore's 2 most famous blogger Xiaxue and Dawn Yang who are in a legal battle now. The reason why I mention this issue is because they are all over the newspapers, not gossip magazines, Singapore's No.1 "Straits Times" and others!!! Ya right, don't they have better things to write about than about 2 pseudo celebrities?

Well our policy is to fight differences eye on eye at Erich's Wuerstelstand with his delicious sausages and bread and probably Erdinger beer. The loser has to pay for food and drinks! Way cheaper and so much more fun than hiring lawyers, isn't it?

So Gerald, enjoy your holiday in down under, come back soon there are a lot of tunnels to dig here. Was great seeing you again. Best regards to "big mole" Hannes who is doomed to dig in Vienna the next few years.

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