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Jul 13, 2008

Chicken Rice Finals

And then there were 12 at the thorough briefing with the judges and no change in the menu but definitely a change in quantity.
A 70 year old auntie next to me was pretty sure the 8 1/2 bowls from the qualifying round have to be beaten in order to cash in the price money. She seemed to be more excited than the contestants and proudly told me all the details about last year's contest.

Another sweltering Sunday in Singapore but despite the heat, again people didn't want to miss the spectacle and flocked to the Square from all over the Island.

Not really sure what their motives were, was it sympathy for the contestants, a lust for sensation if someone might not be able to keep the food (??) or just being curious?

The 2 hosts Zhang Ying and Jeff did a great job in building up the excitement with their bilingual moderation.
The Taiwanese "Burger King" made it to the final, so far the trip was worth it, but can he win? Can he beat the Singaporeans on their home soil and with one of their most favorite dish if not THE FAVORITE one?
By the way one lady made it to the finals as well. Is the time ripe for Tan Hui Ling?

....or will it be the big boy Peter Low who, as the winner on Saturday, will go as favorite into the finals with 8 1/2 bowls down.

......or a fifty four year old seasoned and experienced guy like Ng Weng Hong who gobbled 7 bowls in the 1st round

....or Ng Chin Sheng, last years runner up (8 bowls). Will he stand on the podium again?

The Contestants were ready to Rock and Roll, the bowls served and it's Showtime now:
Tan Hui Ling
Koh Song Yee

Tan Kok Beng, one of last years finalists, can he win it this year?

Li Rong
Wong Kai Hu
Zhang Shi Chao

Li Jian
Leong Ing Kiat, quietly but steadily finished one bowl after the other

Liu Chao Chiang , the Taiwanese was not able to beat the locals he only made it to 7 bowls. As we all know: Don't play, play with Singaporeans!Ng Chin Sheng tried different positions to get things down. Did it help in the end?

Ng Weng Hong (54) was not able to keep it up and as it seemed to keep it in as well so he had to retire after 4 1/2bowls only

Peter Low very confident

10 minutes are over! Every single grain counts. The judges take their job very seriously and are usinge a scale 3rd place is last years runner up Ng Chin Sheng with 9 1/2 bowls
2nd place Peter Low finishing 10 bowls

and the winner and Chicken Rice Eating Contest 2008 Champion is Leong Ing Kiat with 10 1/4 bowls

You want to be part of it and win great cash prices next year, then start your training now! You can find the best chicken rice stalls all over the island.
Maybe you're one of them next year:
If you want to see the whole Chicken Rice Eating Competition Album:

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