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Jul 13, 2008

Chicken Rice Eating Competition Attracts Overseas Contestants

The annual chicken rice contest was once again one of the highlights of the Chinatown food festival. Close to 1000 spectators, locals and tourists, gathered around the stage at Kreta Ayer Square in Chinatown to watch witness as close as possible how many bowls of rice a human can swallow within a 10 minute time limit. Last years record of 8 bowls might not be enough to cash in the price money. Due to the limitation of 75 people, by the organisers more than 20 last minute walk in contestants had to be rejected. 10 percent of them were Malaysians, Ang Moh's and even Taiwan's Burger Eating Champion Lu Chao Ching from Taiwan flew in to win the price money.

Before the start of the contest Wong Chi Keong, Chairman of the Chinatown Business Association welcomed the guest of honour MP Dr. Lily Neo and presented a cheque of $ 10,000 for the Yong En Care Centre.
But then it started what people came to see for. The first group in the qualification round tried to beat last years record.

Only 12 of the 75 will qualify for the finals next day. To me it seemed so much easier compared to last year for the contestants to swallow that much chicken rice. As it turned out 7 bowls was the minimum to proceed to the next round.

Watch some of the contestants during their task

Would there be an advantage for big boys?

Or does size not matter? Or can a woman win this year?

You'll find out the answer in our next post. So stay tuned.

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