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Jul 6, 2008

SINGAPORE FOOD FESTIVAL (4.- 27.July): Eat Like a Local

The 24-day Singapore Food Festival will show you what it is all about in our City-State, besides shopping and making money. You will learn what food makes the locals so passionate about eating (365 days a year).
This festival is dedicated to celebrating the best of Singapore food.
With a line-up of themed events, master classes, tasting sessions and more, the 15th Singapore Food Festival (4 – 27 July) will enlighten you on the multi-ethnic heritage of Singapore food as we know it today. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Eurasian cuisines have played key roles in the evolution of a unique “foodscape”, so come and discover Singapore’s culinary traditions and secrets.

To find out details checkout this website: Singapore Food Festival

In Chinatown some events of the food festival take place as well.

During the Chinese Dialect Food Showcase (12th & 13th JULY 2008; Kreta Ayer Square)
you can look back and explore the Chinese traditional heritage through its diverse range of foods from the established dialects in Singapore including the three main dialects (Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien) and other dialects such as Hakka, Hainanese, Shanghainese, and Henghua.

Chinatown Old Brands Showcase
In the HUNT for Most Popular Signature Dish just dive into the Chinatown Food Paradise with a Food Hunt Booklet specially launched to help locals and tourists navigate around. Check out the Old Brands Restaurants, each of more than 30 years in history, indulge in their well-known signature dishes and enjoy exclusive discounts just for this July!

Support your favourite 'Chinatown Old Brand Restaurant' simply by voting for their signature dish and you might be rewarded at the Grand Lucky Draw with cash prizes up to $1000!


  1. Fast food in Singapore is just yummy.
    The food choices reflect the diversity of its population. You can choose from Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese

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  3. Singapore is a most interesting with a lot kind of food. Also these foods are delicious.

  4. The guy above me is right!!!