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Jul 1, 2008

Soccer Euro 2008 Aftermath

The big event is finally over but did it pay for the host nations?
Although the Austrian team did not even proceed to the quarterfinals (which actually no one expected) the Austrian economy in general and sponsors are definitely winners.
The biggest winner definitely is UEFA who will be able to cash in estimated 900 Million Euros. But the Austrian economy cannot complain they are cashing in as well. The worlds third biggest sport event has been a million Euro business for Austria too.
“Following latest calculations the 3 weeks of Euro 2008 will add at least 0.15 % to the GDP", Heinz Palme, Euro Chief coordinator of the Austrian government said.
Also sponsors are displaying smiley faces like the Austrian Mobilkom. The mobile phone roaming charges increased by 60 percent (to other countries).
It was also great business for retailers. Supermarkets, department stores, sports shops, and Euro fan shops increased their business by two digits in percentage. It goes without saying that beer sales were a hit among soccer enthusiasts as well.
For some restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs business was so so only, but others especially those with fair prices did score well, where as ventures trying to rip-off customers where shown the “red cards” by them. Same applied to hotels.
Sponsor McDonald's, who invited a total of 682 kids for escorting the players into the stadium has a two figure plus in its cash register.

Tyrol & Salzburg are crowing
Tyrol and Salzburg (remember “Sound of Music?”} two of the pre-round stadium cities can draw a very successful interim balance. Hotels, restaurants and retail made the biggest profit. Thousands of fans and countless TV reports worldwide should have a great advertising value and bring future visitors into the region. They counted 40 TV Stations that broadcasted Salzburg’s most beautiful and scenic views from Germany to the USA.

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