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Aug 14, 2008

The Race Begins September 26

Only 45 more days and these lights will be switched on to brighten the Singapore night.....
for the first training on our new Marina Bay Race Circuit!
Major construction is more or less completed but there is still a lot of work to do.

Let me show you some impressions from the busy course:
The Pit building construction is done, inside work yet to be finished. Pit Grandstand works:
Turn 2 and 3 with grand stand:
The race track is snaking around the Singapore Flyer
The nearly 1km almost straight Raffles Boulevard underpasses 2 overhead bridges at Milenia Walk and Pan Pacific Hotel and will allow top speeds
A sharp right turn at the War Memorial Park
followed by a 200m straight and a 90 deg left turn into high speed St. Andrews Rd. stretch (ca. 500m) with a gorgeous backdrop of business district buildings
At the end of it after the Cricket Club drivers need to engage their brakes to slow down from over 300 km/h to meager 80 km/h for the narrowest and probably most dangerous part of our race track: The Anderson Bridge (built 1909)
then follows a sharp left to another high speed straight "The Esplanade Drive".......
at "The Esplanade: Theatres on the Bay" a 90 deg right turn leads to a short straight and to another critical part of the course. A combination of right-left (passing the Bay Grandstand and the Floating Platform) - and left again cutting underneath the Grandstand and exit with a right..
At this point the racers have almost completed one lap. There is 1 more right and 3 easy left turns until either the pit lane or the start/finish line
After estimated 61 laps the first winner of the 1st Singtel Singapore Grand Prix will be crowned. He will have passed 23 turns and 5.067km per lap, with speed in excess of 300 km/h along Raffles Boulevard and between 250 and 300 km/h on Pit Straight, St. Andrew’s Road and Esplanade Drive. The slowest speed will be measured at about 80-100 km/h.
Furthermore all the drivers will have completed the first ever F1 night race on the second most scenic race course besides Monaco.

There are still some great tickets left although 92% are already sold!
Hope we see you all there or you can also watch live on TV.

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