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Aug 6, 2008

Beijing: Bad Air Quality Makes Athletes Suffer Even Before Games Start

Let's hope this dream doesn't turn into a night mare!

The more athletes arrive in Beijing the more intensiv the discussions regarding pollution are getting. More and more blame the International Olymoic Committe (IOC) for false information about environmental conditions.
Most of the time the IOC is referring to official statements from the Chinese Government. Real comparisons of air quality readings with European or American standards are obviously not available or wittingly kept undisclosed! (Chinese practices as usual)
Despite a persistent 'smog-soup' last Tuesday official Beijing reported “slight air pollution” only! And IOC-Chief Physician Arne Ljungqvist doesn’t see “any serious health risk“for athletes. What else can he say? He doesn't compete anyway!
The parties concerned however have a different view. Especially outdoor endurance athletes such as cyclists or long distance runners will suffer most. One team physician: “Heat and high humidity we had in previous Games as well but here with micro pollution a third dimesnion has been added. Endurance athletes will be extremly charged.“ He further elaborates:“ If readings regarding CO2, Micro Pollutants and Ozone are critical we have to think about allowing atheletes to start.“
As one of the cyclists who has been in Beijing since a week puts it after one of his training sessions: “ I am shocked! It’s really bad, lungs and even my eyes burn seriously! I tried to inrease my speed, however the pressure on my lung became almost unbearable. Three hours of training here feel like 6 hours elsewhere.“
I am sure more and more reports about air quality will turn out and the Chinese will again take it personally and blame the unreasonable Westerners in destroying “their“ Olympic Games.
What else to say? We shall see!
Let’s hope the 8.08.2008 at 8:08 will really be a lucky nummer and everything changes to the better! So, let the games begin!
After 4 years of preparation and training for the Beijing Games the athletes deserve great, peaceful and trouble free Games and good luck. That's what we wish them, regardless of colour and race!

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    BEIJING - Olympic host city Beijing was sunny and clear on the 15th day of the Games on Saturday, with temperatures expected to rise for a broiling midday men's football final between defending champions Argentina and Nigeria.

    The Beijing Meteorological Bureau forecast a high of 32 degrees Celsius and air quality at grade 1 -- the best possible rating.

    Pollution had been a major worry for athletes and organisers ahead of the Games, but the air has been largely clear, thanks in part to occasional heavy rain....