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Aug 7, 2008


McCain, Obama or Paris that is the question and it's headlining the news since the Primaries started over a year ago. It is important for the world which direction US politics will be heading to, no doubt about that, however sometimes the coverage of most TV News channels is getting to much, if not annoying . There is more going on in the world than these childish 'tit for tat' reactions of the candidates.

You like America or not, but one thing no one can deny is the freedom of press. It is really refreshing and entertaining to watch some of these "Late Night Shows", be it Jay Leno, David Letterman, Brian O Connor or others. They can openly make fun of their President or the candidates without being sued.

I'm not a fan of IT girl Paris Hilton but her reaction after having been featured in McCain's video about Obama's celebrity status is a funny one which I guess no one would have expected her to be able to do. Watch this: If you have trouble watching click this funny video link or below

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