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Aug 23, 2008

It's never boring at Erich's

It was just another ordinary Friday evening at Erich's, a few friends, some familiar faces, some newcomers and as always passers-by. Quite busy at the Wuerstelstand despite the hungry ghost month.However at the food court upstairs many of the stalls were already closed.
So we expected it to be a fun night with fabulous sausages, bread and Erdinger and chatting.
But suddenly things changed, busy guys with trolleys and others carrying cables and lanterns caught our attention. Soon we found out what it was all about: A film crew was preparing to shoot a new advertisement video about Singapore for Singapore Tourism Board (STB).Starring the shoot was Singapore's ambassador, the famous, talented and sexy singer/songwriter Tanya Chua and asked to co-star were some of Erich's frequent customers and photogenic friends ("The Golden Girls"). Even Stanley, the fruit juice dude next door was featured in the shoot.
Man, he knows how to pose already......!!

It took a while and several "cuts" until the director was satisfied with the outcome.
And again "famous" ang moh (Erich)'s Wuerstelstand was the location for another video production!

As I mentioned earlier ....... just another ordinary Friday evening at Erich's.

By the way, talking about Stanley, he has got a blog now as well, featuring his Natural & Healthy Juice Bar with all his fruit juices and soon I guess with some of his recepies

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