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Aug 25, 2008

34 more days to our F1 night race

Time is flying, by only 34 days and 2 more races (Belgium and Monza) then Singapore's big day is coming.
I watched last nights grand prix in Valencia also a first. The race track is interesting but the views were not that great. Whenever the cameras caught the scenery outside the track you saw containers and warehouses. Two eye catchers on the course were the modern bridge and some yachts lined up next to the track. But that's about it.
Some of the media tried to compare it to Monaco, because of the yachts I guess, but there is no way that Valencia comes even close to the real beauty of Monaco, it is way to industrial, at least around the F1 track. And there was some comparison with Singapore which I do not understand, others that the Spanish track is also new and a city loop.
Singapore will be so much more spectacular with the backdrop of our magnificent skyline, the Esplanade, the business district, City Hall, Suntec City and then the Flyer and the floating platform and last not least the pit building. I'm not even talking about the excitement of having the first F1 night race ever.
Let's hope out Media Corp guys will do a great job of including the gorgeous scenery into the race. You can't get a better promotion for our city state reaching an audience of millions on their TV sets at home.

No doubt it will be a spectacular race!.............and being bios is certainly allowed, isn't it?

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